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Add yogurt and make these beautiful pancakes with no butter.

Pancakes are simple and easy to make with yoghurt too. It taste nice and soft. When you make these pancakes make sure to control the heat. Instead of yoghurt you can add curd too.

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Video Transcription

another simple and easy recipe to dobreakfast pancakes using yogurt for thisrecipe I’m using foyox and 1 cup yogurt1 cup flour but the flour depends on thesize of the eggs that you are using 500milliliters milk a teaspoon of bakingpowder about 1/2 a teaspoon of salt anda teaspoon of vanilla so let’s startturning this into a food processor or ablender break the eggs and into that atthe milk and in the yogurt salt vanillaand baking powder first add one cup offlour now mix itafter uses phone and see the consistencyif it is runny and another half a cup offlour[Applause]so the batter is ready it has to be likethis a bit thicker and a bit runny intoa pan and some oil and spread the oilyou can use butter instead and for thepancake batter and slowly spread it allovercook on a low flames once one side iswell-cooked turn it to the other sideturn it over you can add a feeling youcan add a savory filling or a sweetfilling into this and rolland next onealways turn it over and cook both sidesand make sure to control the heat whenyou do these pancakesyouI finished making the pancakes and thisis how it looks like they are reallynice and soft and did you notice that ithas no butter either and you can freezethem in individual bags to take out atthe savory filling role or even you canmake triangles out from this and this isa healthy pancake that you can make athome hope you will enjoy this thank youfor watching

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