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How to make pancakes / my first video

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music][Music]my pleasureI like cheese much better our cheesewe have strawberry yellow now fly backI’m gonna say bye to my baby chill outit’s gonna make a Leonard we don’t need[Music]honey I’m not gonna go get my okay yeahwe got the pancake I don’t know oh thatwas definitely not really it was say awasn’t right in my youtube hi oh yeahyeah it’s 48 you a bus Turner okay don’tget this pink bus because I lovesprinkles it’s in the green lose thatfor that birthday last night it was forNancy’s birthday was afraid yourbirthday well then my cakes I can get itso we’re gonna get to it’s my many yardsthat one’s from menot mine mm-hmm okaythis is not my little sisters true no ohmy god stops no no put on theresprinklesokay here we gotta make your pancakesokay I don’t know if this is gonna catchon fire okay how am I supposed to cleanthis okay I guess I’m just gonna havelike the weird thank youWowlisten oh my God my hair careful I justwant to get a lot of Vettes sprinklesbut I have enough I don’t know they’rejust harm think I have prequelshow much Pringles or nothing rainbowsare not sprinkles on that my mom’s goingdown oh stop me out in your pantry wellno that’s hot burned it going down goingdown the top so that’s why i cooking ityou can get the syrupoh yeah I want herewhat is this here up it’s right there[Music]Sira I want Syrah I’m gonna put them ondo and I might you want me to make amilkshakeI just won me a nacho gonna – taking solongoh my god I’m so dumb cuz it’s turnedoffokay okaythank you for watching that’s it fortoday’s video this is my first video soI will make more video so thanks forwatching make sure you like andsubscribe[Music]

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