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How To Cook…Waffles

250g of flour
2 Tablespoons of sugar
75 g of melted butter
1 tablespoon of baking powder
Two eggs
300 mils of milk
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

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Video Transcription

welcome back to how to cook in todaywe’re making waffles so there’s noingredients needed flour sugar bakingpowder milk melted butter and vanillaextract so first thing you want to do istake your eggs and crack them into abowl so now we want to take her bloodand next and whisk them together Ididn’t film that because that’s justboring we add in all our otheringredients starting with flour sugarbaking powder some delicious so then youwhisk that all together until it comesreally nice and smooth so okay sometimesand if you can’t get it you can just goback to using next step you want to makesure to take your and vanilla extractput that and keep whisking you’ve madeall of your batter you make sure yourwaffle irons preheated but somevegetable oil and then you take a papertowel and rub that and it’s okie it upyou take some sort of joke and you fillit with some waffle mix all the way upto the edge it’s gonnaway out and you’ll hear it sizzling thenyou just close it down alright now we’rejust waiting for it to cook through andkind of consistency you what a waffle iskind of crunchy on the outside nicepillowy and soft on the insideusually takes about two to three minutesalright so and this might seem weird butyou need these two to get out let’s seehow it is doing I usually open it withthis because it’s all that perfect thatcolor is exactly what in one a nicecrispy lots of people think is burnt andthrow it away it’s not it’s just gonereally nice crunchy caramelized so youjust keep doing that until you run outof butter if you want you can just putin a container freeze it overnight andwhat not freeze it put in fridgeovernight and use it tomorrow morningokay a little bit random but our waffleshave our own fresh eggs start rightchickens we always have add to the houseso our waffles work it’s really gonna beafter your own chickens use those eggsit will taste really amazing look atthat scenery this is just my garden butso cold today quite high anyway so thisdoes make a lot more waffles but Icouldn’t be bothered to a that long so Ijust wanted to eat one now and let’s tryityeah perfect you’re really fluffy pillowwe in the inside would like a nicecrunchy outside you want to be hearingthis on it it’s like a waffle but yeahit’s really good okay thank you forwatching anyway make sure to LIKE andsubscribe and I’ll put the amount ofingredients in the description but

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