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We TRIED To Make Fruity Pebble Cookies| COOKING WITH Q & K DYNASTY

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey check it outyou looking for some dope do-rags we gotexotic deer eggs we got never do readygot brushes you looking for any of thatstuff maybe look at Boise arises y’allclick the link go to waiver Kings or twoeyesit says waiver Kings that my shopifycalm and use my 10% coal and get you adiscount a rare do that what the nicesquat is sugar and we are back withnothing cooking me yo-yo so as you guyscan tell by the tired of video todaywe’ll be doing the fruity pebble wereally some chefs in here yeah yeah Ineed to put us out there so we can makea plate for y’all yeah I want to gofaster please not let you ship them outknow what alright so today we’ll bedoing the fruity pebble cookies I’mexcited yeahit’s my count Blair I taught myselfwiping it offoh yeah yeah I was gonna be doing thefood pebble cookies I’m gonna go aheadand list the ingredients so I got thefruity pebble cereals of course I gotsome flour brown sugar salt we got somesauce thickens here is soft butter gotsome baking soda and we got someimitation for the last Shrek and we gottwo eggs so I listed and we need to thecooked corn bread oh we can’t promotethere are not child not sponsored butlook we still you know you to scream allright child so we’re gonna go ahead youto the video yard I don’t know we don’tknow how to make this just to be ourfirst time making it so Cory got thehow-to steps on his phone no we’re gonnacombining them at the most simply wayout so this is a very it’s a very quickdessert that you can do at home now youat home for this quarantine you knowy’all need some sweet we don’t we’regonna hook outlook with Roger guys withthis recipe so stay tuned alright jobstay tunedhmm alright Josh so we finna get goinghit you starting this time so make sureyou come in like subscribe turn a postokay see I like good stuff you guysenjoy our cooking videos because we’recoming back to back to back with thecooking videos oh I forgot I said then II don’t feel like driving on oh yeah Iput casserole dishes in the oven to drythem you know you get that laying thison your on dry so you’re just stickingin other than free foodso that’s what I do all right Joecome on tonight you can help me butfirst you can help me out all rightJohnson under two cups of flour sothat’s one cup of flour why don’t you begood two cups of flourthe fourth cup of flour although we donow oh my bad job my man my manalright job so I got the flour got some[Music]flour you’re sick all right target yeahwait what mother yeah we gotta let thestrength to but what’s next so now whatI want to do is in a separate bowlyou’re gonna leave this flower by selfso Nana superb oh yeah I couldn’t findmy other major thing but it’s a teaspoonso this is a tablespoon so I’m justwanna you know use it like it’s a noit’s notI’m justall right our son my badge I’m trying tofind the best way I can show y’all butthat’s the flower ten teaspoon of bakingsoda I got baking sodaI got a baking soda what’s that allrightI told you it’s our first time keepingbut I work with the baking soda and helpthe flour so now I want to put somesugar that’s enough let’s not never playthe fence next step enough okay say youknow I’m mixed yeah pick together yourbutter shoesso the sugars you need brown sugarregular sugar brown sugar yeah I justbrought it set up to read the shouldergot some regular sugarthat’s a muttering[Applause][Music]so I got half a cup of sugargood going here right we’re putting inwith the brown sugar so I got the brownsugar and regular in here both ofour hair clips y’all never bake thecookies before a damn are you knownumber the ones that already come likein the squares and base like pre bakedthose I don’t know so will you thick aremillions and everything and we’ll beback with you guysfinish doing that step a cha so now Corygot familiar the bullet our milk milk 6send that along this port isn’t hereright so now ya just want to piecetogether so 1 tablespoon of vanilla soI’m gonna fill this up Mickey exactly 1tablespoonand what is my mixturealright so now create two eggs I put itin this mixturealright John so now little grizzly andthe baking soda and flour are addingthem usable yeah you know I supposed toget it to the taste ofnice monasteries you go[Music]no bellowing panting you guys be yeahhey a sunflower[Music]now I think the Vegas Sun is gonna makethe cookies you know look Roxy I mean Iwouldn’t I supposed to be cookies to dolike a little comaI mean ADSA Eddie better you that muchbut we can’t put in a window sill panyou know got my cookie doughnow I’ll start heading those pretty coolso one could go down my pillsthat’ll onsenyeahall right so now I’m feeling startlining so from sheet down and we’regonna get back you guys will finishdoing it and we catch you guys next partall right Josh so any guys can see thecookies are finished so what I did was Iput some all on my hand I just basicallyrolled to look I know y’all could seethem good but there it is pretty purplecookies so now I’m gonna I don’t know Iskip this part but at the very beginningI put the stove on 350 so that is notfree easy so now I can decide this anugly one let it cook 10 to 13 minuteswhere I think we’re going to hold 1300cookies kind of like salsa boys yeahwhen you take them out there they’regonna get hot like kind of horse up soyou want to cook them today or get youguys all right Josh so we tried theylook good but they look more likebiscuits nothing you do pretty neat theyhot right now so a little cool down forlike five minutes and they’re gonnataste one on cameraalright job so we click on camera linkyou ready to taste these I was a corkengrave to do with taste 10 of thesecookiesyou got his nope no she thinks now sonicely[Music]I really don’t because it’s who is toofluffy do for me juice juice I thoughtwe do we’re gonna do metal but heythat’s a like fruity pebble biscuits Ithought it’d make you thirsty I havebusiness I think we really made fruitypebble mr. song yeah alright y’all soI think we did pretty good we could’vedid better but I think we do but nowit’s gonna be time to register for a newsongand be proud to get macaroni rice andgravy potatoes and yeah we not recordedwith y’all but like I said many of uscookie make sure you coming down belowand like video and eyes yeah alrightyeah so we hope you guys enjoyed thisvideo make sure you like commentsubscribeCharlie post okay bill liked this videoand we get you guys in it took a video[Music]in that be is great[Music]you

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