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Make and Review: Tylina Sweetshop Rabbit Print Sugar Cookies!

It’s my YouTube debut! In this video I am gonna make and review some rabbit paw sugar cookies. Will it all go according to plan? What do you think?!?!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi guys it’s my first video ever andtoday we are going to be reviewing andmaking bunny prints from Ty Lee in asweet shop you’re going to be reviewinghow good they were and how easy theywere to make you will need 1/2 cup ofbutter softened then you will need 1 eggthe package has the rest of the stuff sosoft I can just put my finger on firstwe will need to preheat the oven to 350[Music]in a large bowl put all the ingredientstogetherlike eggs but here we go now we need tomix it until Abdullah’sminimal everywhereSamson to spray our cookie sheetwe’re going to use the tablespoon to dothe main part of the foot and theteaspoon to do the toesnow we will arrange them in the shape ofa rabbit’s ballnow we’ll finish the rest of the dough Ifound out something it’s easier to getin the shape of the pawif you roll it up in a ball here to washyour hands now press your thumb into themiddle of the cookie to me to make theholesah put in the oven for 10 to 12 minutesmy cookies[Music]now we need to melt these in themicrowave for 15 seconds microwave andstir for 15 second incrementssoon I you soon oh my gosh icing put itback in the microwave and repeat untilcompletely melted depressions are denseand the cookies now it’s time to icingour bunny footprints are full now wejust wait for them to coolthis is our final result time to tastetestit’s good and it’s very interesting andit doesn’t really look like it does onthe box but it’s very very goodtime for the reviews overall this isreally really good but making it waspretty hard whenever we tried mixing thebutter and the eggs and the flourtogether it was very rough and thick andputting the icing on it just wasn’t thatfun it was very hard to put it in Idon’t think our dents were big enoughdeep enough and but the taste it wasvery very good so overall one out offive I would give this a four that’s itfor this video on the squeaky oven makesure to subscribe hit that notificationbutton and give this a big thumbs upwell that’s it with our next tasty treat

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