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Video Transcription

[Music][Music][Music][Music]hey honey Cruz what’s up with it dudeit should be like some are my friendsent ahead with a brand-new freakin MIDIhold on yeah I got to get in the carbecause gotta go y’all this Christmaseasy you know was gonna be troublesomething hurt and get me start againclick it or ticketperiod alright y’all so this ChristmasEve – this vlogmas went by fast fast fatone let me fix my camera this vlog waswon by fast fast fast fast fast y’alllike it’s already day 24-yard Christmasis literally told ha oh I have to gocheck my mirrorsalright we rolling like I was sayingit’s Christmas Eve y’all tomorrowKREM me like just bad one by fast periodtomorrow’s the last vlog and I told youI’ll be posting after I will but I takea look right cuz you Arab and likemoving and moving you’re probably oneyeah it creamy eat where you go wellyeah I have some last-minute things todoI figured I can get them – I don’t havethe baby and it’s just gonna be simpleis thatso first your girl is hungry I’m bitingmy label hopefully they open cuzyou know everybody try to go home onCamilla oh yeah I’m back to the DollarTree and I thought used to be a cool Ithought this would be a cool experienceto be involved in because if you don’thave the money out there and I told youI lost my job so money is funny money istight money ain’t rightso I thought going to the country wouldbe very cool because it’s veryaffordable because everything about stepthat means say that’s where I’m gonna goafter I get this food and hopefully I’llfinally get for everybody I have likefour or five gifts to get and I saw thisvideo going around for last-minuteChristmas shopping ideas that areaffordable and they said they got are aghost Dollar Tree Dollar should behaving some cool stuff go dunk don’t getdollar treatments I say that’s wrongabout that one everything I need foreach and every person and theneverything will be good by the way Iforgot to mentionyeah I’m not slick y’all not slick andyou watching this video in you’re new tomy channel go ahead and subscribe cutsubscribe and if not then would eitherwatching this video subscribe right nowand give this video a thumbs up cuz youalready won like it come on whetherthese ones in this picture here frontand centerDollar Tree huh Oh finally made it stopDollar Tree and I got me a little now Ican’t really post exactly what I’mgettingbut um kind of get our idea because myfamily does watch my youtube channel soyou know I can’t post everything but Isee people spell books maybe yeah[Music]hey honeyso I couldn’t find any freaking thing indollar tree like nothing at all I metI’m at Target yard and I found a coupleof things I’ll have two more people toget gifts for any Greta okay and by theway I didn’t go triple-a all over afterthis because I don’t okay everything isliterally coming along you’ll note I gohave everything that you needokay so I got one two three four gifts Iwant my gift to get and this game’sgonna be easy you guys can actually seewhat I’m gonna get because this personis not watching my youtube center notbecause they shade in the big night andall that but that’s it’s for my grandpalet me just tell you that looking forjellybeans literally one year I got himlike a whole yard thing for thejellybeans[Music]all right so this is what I found thisis a desert trio mixed in he loves themall – that’s dipped up in it so that’sgonna be really cool it comes to walkbehind our means in DubLi indulge itincluded in the noonday chocolatecandies in dark chocolate almonds sothis is perfect birthday gift wrap thaton that so that it that I’m gonna begettingthe baby doesn’t really know anythingthat much about Christmas it’s gonna bea scrutiny but she can hang from of theyear okay so I’m clearly done and I’mgonna go home wrap these up but youalready know sorry I’m leaving startagain ya know every thought everything Ineed everybody I bought frickin fivepeople gift but how much but thirtyseven dollars with 6046 period yesterdayuh boom if you don’t have a shop thenyou need to watch this manner becausehoney this was the deal $37 to post itfor five peopleyah open all creamy evrard I got numbertwo spot chicken sellers and probablycheck fries yeah I actually got asign-up sheet that’s something new y’allknow about that they got me I could seethat I could choose India I’m currentlyin a secret room in the house so thisone has everything in it and if you guyshave not seen the play that I did on mygrandmother where I had the wrappingpaper everywhere in the hole entirelywell that’s where the lab paper is it’sin the secret way so guys let me pick upsomething about these gifts and I’lljust the one that cubic so here’s thebig back wrapping paper right here and Ineed you guys to comment down belowthat’s when I should get Santa Claus inthe blue snowman in the way what’s thatsnowman some coffee and a penguin orwhat else like that[Music]and baby he might see his own take apicturethere’s no some cookies so yeah I reallydon’t know what to do because he hasthis my first Christmas onesie and hecan’t wear sparkly outfit tomorrow but Ireally won’t know where this and then hehas this onesie with the reindeer on itoh maybe he can wear this under this I’mlooking to wear t-shirt maybe I’ll justtake a picture in a minute tomorrowthat’s what I doso you’ll wear this and I’m gonna gethim ready so we couldn’t hi guys sowe’re dress hi Cathy Merry Christmasguys[Music]guys the cookies are done they finallycame out of right guys we have aChristmas tree a gingerbread man andit’s nothing we have a couple of snowbuddy I saw my last video they came outbefore you but this time we did so guysI’m done with my video and I will seeyou guys tomorrowon Christmas think I spoke watching hopeyou guys enjoy and have a good[Music]

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