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Merry Synnmas 2019 Xmas Shenanigans|Making Cookies| Love You All!

Hey Jonesies

I’m keeping my spirit merry & bright and I hope you all do the same.

Synn is always late be she shows up!

I love you all…Thanks for always supporting me.


Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]Christmas Eve we have my son made somecookies so who’s gonna make the cookiesthen and fly we that type of guys webout to make the snowman cookies we’reabout to make the Christmas tree cookieslet’s get its away right back Ohwhat does shirt say anythingOh baby yes she boys I do I doI think going away wailing wailingwailing cookies this Christmas Evethough close enough I’m out here looklike a side of overwatch mm anyway we beback[Music][Music][Music][Music]coming in what’s the why I don’t fitwhat is hot and if I come by the name oncookie why you just say can youplease be nice on Christmas Evedon’t laugh you can’t get mad at me forwhat I say I’m not doing I’m justtalking but you started I just saywhat’s the white outfit I’m not sayingwhat I set them for the cookie boxyou sold my something elsethe bold you talk about violence seewhat I’m saying I hope y’all going tohave a hope y’all having a good quickMerry Christmas Merry Christmas MerryChristmas Eve Merry Christmas whateverHappy New Year Hanukkah was a happy newyear new year lanceolate I’m justOh Eve is the 7:30 fire lanelet me tell you something when I walkinto a store after New Year’s and hestarts showing Valentine’s Day stuff Ijust lose it but I’m at the point now Ijust fix it when I’m doneI don’t laugh aha you got to get whatcome on up lemons in there right nowgive me a second once I put in it I willadjust them let me get him in here nowthe top is fine no it’s not good that’stoo hardcome over there come all the Sun I thinkI know what I’m sayingthere we go I’m a snob but to go in ohthen again in the old van again so oh Iguess we’ll see what it doesdon’t touch that okay because it mightbe rightno that’s thumbs up for putting them inthe pain oh yeah here’s a finishedproduct of the cookie yeah the cookieslook nice right was it a two-step notdoing it anyway All Right see y’all in30 minuteshi guys the cookies are done the cookiesare done they cook anyway MerryChristmas as book we will say or SMLanis na minha did I need nah me nah

41 Replies to “Merry Synnmas 2019 Xmas Shenanigans|Making Cookies| Love You All!

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