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Making cookies for Santa/House Tour

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Video Transcription

[Music]I’m gonna be baking cookies for SantaClaus right nowthis isn’t Scott like what I’m so tiredbut um yeah we’re making cookies forSanta Claus tonight cuz he’s comingtonight to give us presents so to makeScott it’s like what – let’s do this somake sure hit that subscribe buttongreat and enjoy applications and let’smake some Santa Claus soft cookies soI’m making Santa Claus cookies here’s myhere’s my Elf on the Shelf my shelf andthis is my other helpful Michelle’s gota little reindeer here’s my otherdad we’re gonna make cookies okay heyhey I got some chocolate long waitingfor them to make cookies for Santa Clauswe need some chocolate me tomorrow[Music]this is actually good good juststaring at me kitty catoh my daughters my toe hurts my throathurts ok of the kitty cats right ok I’mjust in the dark yeah okbut those are my cat’s it’s almost kindof like a show my house video I shouldshow you a tour of my houses I’m goingto show you the tour of my house so noI’m just gonna eat chocolate but I’mgonna show you a tour of my house thisis my room yeah here’s my creeper andyeah so yeah there’s my speaker andthere’s my computer where I play robloxand I do YouTube videos and yeah so thatwas my room and now I’m gonna show youmy sister’s room oh my gosh it’s parkingthere okay so we’re room is dark butthere’s the bathroom turn on the lighthere’s the bathroom in the showers andhere’s the laundry roomfocusing close here is here is myparents room and all the dogs and kidslike you to like okay so that wasupstairs so house upstairs of my housefor now I’m going to show you a tour ofdownstairs here’s the little living roomup front and here’s the Christmas treelook at all those presents mr. Waddellthere’s bunch of paint lens mr. Wyleswould you have to say what you have tosay mr. Watterson suspect about the oldpenguin plays what a why wat oh oh okayhere’s the Alpha Michelle’s like I soldyou there’s the help on the shelves andhere is the another basically anotherroom with a pinky here’s the living roomwith the TV and the tables andeverything[Music]okay she’s gonna make a Santa Claus loveSanta Claus cuz it’s cool like that manhey bro it’s 8:05okay okay kids meanwhile where we emailwaiting um yeah so I’m just gonna showyou my whole stack of presents reallycrazy tonight I get to open one for usand tomorrow we can open all ourpresents but sorry Jim I’m gonna showyou my all my presents and here we golet’s gothere’s more stack here’s my presence mybeautiful presence yeah yeah so thoseare my presents for Christmas and SantaClaus is coming tonight for cut andprison presents on Christmas and andalso on the news today when I woke up inthe morning and said like Santa Claus isrunning through town yeah so it’s reallycool and I can’t wait until Santa Clauscome I also gave my ELF on the shelves apresent and they already opened it sothat so that present says MerryChristmas and now I just got hurtwow I just got hurt YouTube and this onethis one Elf on the Shelf has a scarfand a little hat and not help with shelfmiles and the Shelf my open the shelfover there has a a I green scarf andyeah and he also has a lollipop Wowokay so you I thinkyeah so I think we should check on theoven to see if the oven is ready[Music][Music]okay hi yeah cuz y’all making senseclothes cookies it’s all this is aboutmaking sense clothes cookies why makesure to subscribe if that subscribebuttongreat you gotta bake acrylic bro oh okayplease make sure to subscribe hit thatlike button and peace

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