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Me,my sis,and Giselle make cookies together!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi guys feet when you walk and today I’m
gonna be with my people yeah hey guys
it’s also me and today we have I use
special guests with us and say hello to
you can take yourself off of mute so we
have one special guest with that yeah
and that’s not only it we also have my
girl this girl and her name is Isabella
oh gosh anyways and we also have this
little lady who’s also gonna be ordering
some food and they’re all who would like
to order first
okay Giselle what would you like to
order what do you guys have wow this is
kind of like a bakery so
that will be okay
whoa your field I’ll be done in a few
how’s credit card right now you can’t
get somebody else with credit card did I
get a card yeah that’s a debit card that
her debit card
it’s not yours as long for their wallet
you want to go she’s already sitting
Mugen Ava don’t mind the background so
now we just have to flat you know mommy
the plan without excuse
I need my food ASAP so you might want to
leave this store before I get mad I’m
Missy hey I see you’re messing with my
sister you should see what you’re
wearing honey it looks like Peppa pig’s
only gotten roll it into a circle now
guys we will you should wash your head
maybe you can’t tell a customer to watch
well I guess six stars even that’s no
way to treat a customer well fine ah
dammit wopo or tips here’s one too
little cookie that’s ready then again
how am I almost done even you’re over
you’re still molding yes yes I’ll give
you the double you couldn’t make them
yeah how about I open yes yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah
can you just stop yeah yes
why how I should look better than your
hairline why are you calling me Miranda
sings yammering the same and your head
and looks like trash well that’s what
you get for being mean to my friend
she’s getting it buy from me that’s all
I hear you’re playing with Giselle all I
hear you do Zack is the olden days when
when you play Minecraft you always
stop and we’re almost done so far we
have three cookies done six I see inside
person you are well I’m sorry I was
trying to get you back oh no we have
plenty of time there you go and here’s
your lies about ways here’s your laugh
okay well that’s all that’s it for today
guys we bye guys we look closely by in
three cameras have three two

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