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Relaxing Saturday | making cookies, parade of lights and music

Follow me around for a relaxing Saturday

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Video Transcription

[Music]it is Saturday November 16thI just went to Weight Watchers I’mpretty much the same weight that I wannalast week I’m just making my breakfast Ihave half a cup of oats and addingstevia I’m adding just a little dollopof I’m sweetening vanilla almond milkand just a little bit of organic or Iguess this is an organic natural peanutbutter I actually just added peanutbutter back into my life I couldn’t betrusted there for a while just because Ieat it like let’s just say I don’treally measure it so my serving is alittle bit more than I would so this isgonna be my breakfast before I go inthis morning I kind of forget what Iwhat I mentioned and what I didn’t um onMonday I decided I was going to try toeliminate dairy for a complete month andkind of track my progress with my kneesI was just kind of reading about foodthat causes inflammation and stuff likethat so I’m gonna try to eliminatethings every month and then reintroducethem and do the whole process because Iwent to a specialist and stuff likethat’s like I’m this is kind of my lastoption to see what I can do so yeah Igave it up on Monday and it is nowSaturday I guess I didn’t need to lookat my watch to figure that outit is that Saturday and yeah so far sogood I also started taking thisorganic tumeric and I take it with apeppercorn because I heard it helps itabsorb better I don’t know somethinglike that so I’m just gonna keep tryingdifferent things my knees haven’t beenthat bad this week but once again Idon’t really know if it’s the day thisis that I’ll just have to eliminate itif we introduce it and then see kind ofyou know you know the process alsoWeight Watchers this week it introduced[Music]so there’s the green option the blueoption which is what what has been donefor the past couple years and then thepurple option so I went to my meetingthis morning and they talked a lot aboutthose so I’m gonna read through the bookand see the option I don’t like to justjump in on new things cuz it I get alittle bit of anxiety with new thingsbut I also like change so I’m gonna readthrough the book see what my options areand I think they’re relatively all thesame like the base is pretty much allthe same it’s just what you like more soyeah I’m gonna read through that andthen I’m gonna decide on what I’m gonnado so I’m going to eat my oatmeal and Iam going to go to the gym I’m not sureif we’re gonna go to the gym we go toevery day or if we are going to go tothe zat’s min Sports Plex I think it’scalled which is also in Dartmouth andit’s been updated they have a runningtrack there and a new gym they even havea wall that moves and you can a rockclimbing wall and it rotates it’s reallyneat these jeans are so comfortable andI’m feeling less bloating already Idon’t know if youbut I just feel I don’t know since Ihaven’t been eating dairy find my guysjustice system it’s been really on thisweek[Applause][Music]fancy whatsoever but there’s my eggs mytoast and gonna put up salt I love saltso that is going to be my second mealit’s getting a little bit of a cravingto have some cookies but because I don’teat gluten and I’m not eating dairy forthe month I thought that I try to justmake my own so this is a healthierversion I’d say of a cookie I haven’ttasted one yet but I’m going to rightnow we are going to[Music]I used to visit all the very game placescome with make places where wanderingLex’s homey[Music]

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