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My Birthday and No-Bake Cookies

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Video Transcription

hey guys this is Melissa and I’m justwanted to talk about yesterday yesterdaywas my cheat day due to having mybirthday party I didn’t do too badconsidering I could’ve went all out youknow but for my birthday I had a sausageegg and cheese McGriddle whoa I hadquite a bit of stuff but it was not asmuch as what I normally would have donemy birthday but as a sausage egg andcheese McGriddle two hash browns anorange juice and then later I had asausage egg burrito a hash brown andorange juice in that later I had threepieces of pizza two pieces of ice creamcake and then two no bake cookies andthen today so far I’ve had two no bakecookies and that’s all I’ve had so farbut it’s just in the morning and I gotthose no bake cookies for my birthdayand I don’t want them to go back becausesomeone made them for me but I’m gonnatry to spread them out throughout thenext few days but I’ve clearly lost someweight cuz this shirt is looser than itwas there’s actually a video of mewearing this shirt look that long ago ifyou go back I think I was doing thedishes or something and the sleeves werea lot tighter so that makes me feel goodand people were complimenting on howthey could I’ve lost a little bit sothat’s good too and it came from areliable source that do not lie sothat’s about the only updates I haveright now I do want to talk about I willbe registering for graduation in thenext couple of weeks I’m gonna waituntil I finish these two courses andthen I’m gonna sign up for graduationfor May I’m nervous I don’t know[Music]and I got so much I want to do with mylifeonce I graduate I’m getting a littleemotional but once I graduate I’ll startpaying off start paying my student loansand things and I’ll be able to actuallyget a mortgage on a house or a trailerwhichever I decide I’m emotional becauseI knew this day was comingbut it’s moves so fast I remember when Iwent back to college I was 29 years oldand I remember thinking I’m gonna be 34when I graduate I’m 34I just turned 34 it’s it’s it’s amazingbut unbelievable but once I graduate Istart paying my student loansget me a actual mortgage on a trailer ora house haven’t decided if I’m gonnabuild or if I’m going to the trailer andall I end up starting off with thetrailer or mobile home and building upmy property and things and my goal is tohave a home on that property within twoyears of graduation Oh overwhelming in away I’m nervous I’m excited and once Iget a house I want to get it paid offwithin 10 years and but if I get amobile home and I end up getting a newone and pay it and have that paid offwithin five years I wanna I want toretire at 40 that’s but that would be myultimate goal I want to retire at 40I want to retire at 40 and I want to bedebt-free by 45 it’s just it’s I’mnervous I feel overwhelmed but I know Ican do it it’s just gonna take a lot ofhard work and a lot of money and a lotof saving money and I want to start myown business as well that’s how I wantto start saving for retirement root forme gasps I’m excited and nervous and Iwant to do this I don’t want to work mywhole life away I want to enjoy it Iwant a simple life to enjoy while I’mstill young one retired 40 but anywayguys make sure you like commentsubscribe down below hit the bell buttonbecause we know YouTube don’t care thatmuch and make sure you share my stuffwith your friends and family and I loveyou all

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