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How To Make The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies! | Georgia’s Cakes

BEHOLD! My ultimate chocolate chip cookies. Now that so many of you are baking at home, I thought it was time and only fair to share this recipe with you. Follow my tutorial in order to achieve the perfect balance of crispy edges and soft centres which tastes divine! I’ve listed the ingredients in the video and below. Enjoy and get baking!!

170g melted butter
200g brown sugar
100g caster sugar
50g (1) egg
20g (1) yolk
1/2 tsp vanilla
250g self-raising flour (or plain with 1/2 tsp bicarb soda)
1/2 tsp salt
300g chocolate chips (I used half dark and half white)

Bake at 180°C for 10-12 minutes

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my channel inthe next few tutorials you may notice aslight difference now in this period ofuncertainty I don’t have access to mynormal recording or baking equipmentbecause I’m also changing location butdon’t worry I’ve come up with a feedback to basic recipes which involves nofancy equipment or ingredients so I hopeyou enjoy these recipes I hope you trythem out and most importantly stay safeok so here it is my ultimate cookierecipe loads of you requested this oneso I hope you enjoy it so what I foundout with cookies it’s not actually somuch about the recipe it’s more abouthow you prepare the dough and then thecooking so I’ll try the best way I canto explain every single step of the wayin order to achieve the perfect cookieI’ve also listed the quantities andingredients on the screen here so feelfree to screenshot this now for you tokeep for future reference so I’m goingto start with some melted butter it isunsalted butter you can use salted but Iprefer adding a salt myself but before Ido that I’m going to add my white sugarand brown sugar and now I’m going to addthe salt I’m also going to add somevanilla and mix that all together now Ionly have Demerara sugar here butusually I used the soft dark brown sugarI think it gives slightly more caramelflavorhowever the Demerara sugar worksperfectly well too so once the sugarbutter and vanilla has combined I’mgoing to add my egg and my yolk and mixthat in I’m using a whisk simply becauseit breaks up the egg better but now I’mgoing to add my flour so I’m going tochange for a spatula so you can eitheruse self-raising flour or plain flourwith added bicarbonate of soda both workbut I simply can’t find any self raisingflour so I’m adding the bicarb myselfI’ve written both quantities in thecaption box below and I’m going to stirthat in until a soft cookie dough isformed now this is a great base of acookie dough recipe where you can adddifferent ingredients to this so I’mgoing with a classic chocolate chipcombination but you can add some raisinsor some nuts as long as you keep thequantities the same so once the flour ismixed in I can now go in with mychocolate chips I like using the smallchocolate chips and I’m using dark andwhite I think the smaller chocolatechips disperse more evenly throughoutthe cookie dough and every bite ofcookie you get a good amount ofchocolate whereas with the larger chunksyou may not get some chocolate in somebites which to me isn’t OK when it comesto cookies so I’m going to mix that inuntil all the chocolate is dispersedevenly and you can see it’s quite a softdough now that’s because I started offwith melted butter but as always I thinkusing melted butter helps incorporateall the ingredients evenly rather thancreating some sugar and butter clumpsthat don’t make sense so essentiallythis is the cookie dough ready now atthe beginning I was talking about howyou cook the cookies and that’s what theimportant bit is this dough is way toosoft so if we cooked this now thecookies will totally spread out so I’mactually going to put this bowl in thefreezer to make it nice and firm evenbefore I spoon the cookies so I’m goingto firm up the dough in the freezer for10 minutes because then I’m going tospoon out the mixture and it’s justgonna make my life a lot easier if thedough is further so I’ve left it in thefreezer for about 10 minutes and you cansee how much thicker and firmer thedough is so it’s gonna be a lot easierto spoon and shape now I would use anice cream scoop reason being you get anice bull shape and every single onewill be even size but I don’t have anice cream scoop with me at the moment soI’m going with a spoon and roughlyestimate the size of each cookie so I’mgoing to spoon some dough into my handand create a rough ball shape and thenI’m transferring them onto a tray butthis isn’t to cook the cookies becauseI’m going to freeze them again before Icook them and I’ll explain why but whatI want to do now is just roll thecookies into balls roughly the same sizeand prepare them for baking so with thisquantity you’ll roughly get about 12cookies but it does depend how big orsmall you roll them just bear in mindthat if you do change the sizes thecooking times will vary I also think thesize that I’m making now creates theperfect chewiness to small ones tend toget a little drier so once again theselook like they’re ready to bake but I’mgoing to freeze them for now half anhour because I want these totally solidI think this is the ultimate tip tobaking cookies becauseyou cook them from cold they’ll takelonger to spread out which means thecenter will stay nice and chewy whereasthe outside will be cooked and you getthat crispy outer edge and yet too weakCenter just how a cookie should be soI’m going to put this tray in thefreezer for a further 30 minutes so thecookie dough balls are nice and firm andI’m just gonna roll them once again tomake them a little bit more even and nowthey’re ready to bake so I’ve preheatedthe oven at 180 degrees Celsius you needto bear in mind that cookie spread inthe ovenso as for straightening as it is onlyfitting 5 on a tray I promise you it’sworth it because the last thing you wantto happen is that all the cookies spreadinto each other you want to keep a niceround shape so I’m going to do two traysat a time and these cookies are gonnabake for 10 to 12 minutes until theouter edge of the cookie start to brownbut the inside is still pale so when thecookies have baked this is what you’relooking for that beautiful golden colorbut still quite pale in the middle andthat indicates that they’re still gonnabe nice and chewynow as tempting as it is to take onestraightaway while they’re piping hotfrom the oven do not touch the cookiesuntil they’re completely cold otherwisethey will simply fall apart and this isa real test because they smellunbelievable and are very tempting oncethey’re cooled you can now transfer themand you can see that when I pick it upit still holds in one piece and look howperfectly cooked they are you can stillsee that chewy Center and they bakedevenly on the bottom too now I thinkwith cookies they will never be perfectcircles but I honestly don’t thinkthat’s a problem as long as they’reroughly the same size they lookextremely appetizing and as always I’mgoing to attempt to you by breaking onein half just so you can see how chewyand gooey the center is look at that andyou can see that the chocolate isdispersed evenly and it’s everythingthat you want from a cookie so there yougo that is my ultimate cookie recipe tryit out yourself if you do take a photoand tag me on instagram at georges cakesi havefeeling that this is gonna be our newfavorite recipe to try I hope youenjoyed this tutorial and see you soonwith more videos on the way[Music]

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