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St. John’s Lutheran Church Peru- Making Bread with Pastor

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Video Transcription

we’re gonna make some community would begood family this is a recipe that weused is also a recipe that workgroupseminary uses to make their communitybreaded and so it’s just one of thosethings that you know you are hopefullywill be partaking with Communion andsoul and have to be any kind of specialbread I’ve heard someone talk about likecheese dips and stuff because that’s allthey had that’s what God provides and soit’s good this would be a nice littlefamily thing to do it doesn’t take yeastwhere they have a letter sitting riseit’s a pretty simple recipe and whatwe’re going to do is you know followalong in it and I really do not want youto go to the store you know get theseingredients new that’s what you have youknow so today we’re going to do thisall-purpose flour at all but if youdon’t have meat flour just useall-purpose flour use it up you know useall of it in the recipe but maybe evenhave some different types of flour gofor that it and see how it alec burks soplease do not go to the store ashelter-in-place dis use what God hasprovided irritable so the first thingthat we’re going to do is we’re going tomix our dry ingredients all togetherfirst and our radius is a some bakingpowder salt and our two types of flourand I’m going to cut everything in halfbecause I don’t need four loaves ofbread that will last us a long time sothe first thing that says you knowbecause we’re making it the whole wheatrecipe it says gooda couple flower yeahmy wife will always say you know theycall me bastard my wife calls me Tomlet’s do the mixing into sink and so I’mgonna put that mixing bowl in the sinkwhen I put a cup of flour whole wheatflour and then I’m going to put halfwaitall-purpose flour all right put that inthere close because I think that’s youknow the recipe after a while is toosticky or too dry I’m gonna you knowplay around with down a little bit allright the other dry ingredient is bakingpowder and I have this measuring spoonhere I’m going to use 3/4 of a teaspoon3/4 of a teaspoon of baking powder andI’ll dump that in there and use the sameamount of salt so 3/4 of a teaspoon ofbaking powder 3/4 of a teaspoon of salt[Music]and I didn’t forget my list that’s okayI have a spoon and so I’m just going tostir that all around here so it getsmixed in all togetherthe solid stuff this is thoroughly mixedI’m sure I told you the story maybe Ididn’t tell everybody but I was a babyof the family for so long and then mylittle brother came along ten yearslater butwhen it came up you know the Saturdaychores my two oldest brother slept withmy dad and they did manly things so tospeak you know swear you would think butthen I would go with my mom and we didwomen League type of things you knowagainst stereotype I don’t mean tooffend anyone here but that’s a littlekid that in the 70s and 60s you meanthese were all stereotypes yeah my momis a heck of a cook so she made breadand so one of the things was in a bigbig tub and I mean we made like eightloaves at a time and the thing was as Iwas in charge from needing to Brett so Iwould need it need it need it and shewould just keep on throwing stuff in itall right finish that story in a littlebit so here that’s the dry stuff is thismix three thoroughly and close reallyit’s like I got itand then I’m going to put olive oil inthere and it says tablespoon in a handof olive oil this helps to read stayedmoist and I’m just going to roughlyguess that doesn’t have to be exactthat’s one thing with my recipes of anytime I make you know something that Imake it again I’m gonna mix it up youknow together it never tastes the samebecause I I just my dashes becomeslittle bit bigger a little bit smalleroh well that’s one of cooking so I’mgoing to mix that all together here Iturned the oven on to 350 so it’spreheats why we’re doing some mixing soyou might want to do that you might wantto preheat that oven to 350 and what Ihave here and then that’s pretty muchgood for[Music]and then what I’m going to do is to takea measure out again not so carefullylet’s measure out a little bit threequarters of a cup my trusty assistant inthe microwave for about a minute so itgets very very warm we’re going to takethat water that one water and put ourliquid ingredients in there and theliquid ingredients is molasses and honeythat gives it a a sweet taste all rightso I would be kneading bread yeah it wasamazing whenever I came out of the ovenmy brother’s my dad would come you knowflocking to the table and you know wewould just have me would probably downlike one nice one got two lobes rightthen and therebut the funny the good part oh there wasme you know because my brothers had tocome inI had front-row seat so I was able toget four slice of bread or that my momwould make sticky buns like that oh mygoodness it was it was I didn’t mindworking with my mom so we heard a beep Ihope you heard the beep of the microwavewe just put it in for about a minute andnow it’s nice and warm and what we’regoing to do is to take molasses andwe’re going to put about a tablespoonand a half of molasses in there andagain I’m as you can see I’m reallygetting marriedby measuring carefullyjust like a little bit of dump dump dumpsame thing about with the honey atablespoon and a half in there now whatI’m going to do is I’m going to mix thataround and the reason why I think youhad to get you know put hot water inthere make it hot is for the molassesand the honey to dissolve in water so itjust doesn’t stay on the bottom but itgets all the way within the liquid thereall right so now what we’re ready to dois we’re ready to pour the liquid intothe dry part here that’s the flour andI’m going to do that in stages I’m goingto do you know like maybe the free stageso I’m going to put a little bit inthere and I’m gonna take my spoon andmix it up and you can sort of see howthe flour gets all sort of clumpy alittle bit looks like it gets wet andreally it does I wish we hadsmell-o-vision was already I could smellthat the molasses in there and the flourI’m sorry the honey really nice smell soevery time every time I made bread Iknow especially you know the time so Iwould make it here for a communion Ialways thought my mom died about fiveyears ago yeah it was it was somethingthat I never ever mind you it’s like ohyou know we could do this because it wasjust a way that I could still you knowremember you know those memories arebleeding now though she died a long timeago but it’s a way that I could still[Music]and so I’m mixing it open now it lookspretty soupy so probably I did toured ittoo much that’s okay cuz then it willbring back that flower and get it youknow start playing around with it youcan just see it might I touched it myhands it would be best to sprinkle alittle bit in there absorbs a little bitand if you weren’t writing down theingredients maybe what I’ll do is I’llput this on the website so you canalways get the recipe or this I guessyou know make sure I don’t forget I meanthis this is the bread that we use orcurrent use there’s nothing specialabout this is definitely read that ismade by human hands my call bread is andso it’s not like special bread it’s notyou know communion bread only could beused for that could be used for any mywife and I like using it when we make soso it’s nothing really special about ituntil we start saying the words ofinstitution was whereas that we losechurch and again there’s not anythingthat I do is what God does what we needto believe that some of our Christianand sisters do not believe that this whoreally becomes after saying those wordsthat God’s grace works in here and thebread becomes a real presence of JesusChrist we say it becomes in the realpresence of Jesus Christ becomes in andaround and under through that threatokay so now what I’m doing as you couldsee I had washed my hands beforehand somaking sure my hands are clean no I I’msort of working on meeting it alltogether here for the rest of my flowerin there because it’s still a littlesticky too too much this is my part nocan you imagine this it was this is justone little this will make two half mowsmy mom would make eight at a time and asa little kid you know some pretty bigshoulders if my mom would say at timesHall is because he would needed all thatbread that’s why you got her shouldersall right that looks pretty goodand what I’m going to do is to take abread panI’m gonna take the loaves of bread andI’m just simply gonna tear it in halfput one on one side and one on the otherside and I’m just going to wet them downthey say you know till like quarter ofan inch but you guys know how the breadlooks when I make it it’s not prettythat’s for sure but again I always sortof think that God uses everything so itdoes not necessarily have to be theprettiest low-set you ever saw so I’mthis flat thing about little voice butthat’s okay it’ll dry up in the ovenhere all rightand in using this what breaking it sowhat you could do when you you can scoreit and what we’re going to do is scorethe thread and the sign of the Crosswhich you can imagine why we do that butthis will allow the thread to breakeasier when we tear it apart to serveand now what we’re going to do is we’regoing to place it in the oven and we’regoing to place it in the oven for 10minutes again it’s on 350 10 minutes foron 350all right and then we’ll come back toyou in 10 minutesall right so that’s itfor 10 minutes boys yeah so what we’regoing to do is put some foil on the topof it they have this need fancy brushbut you could use a napkin you could usewhatever probably a little bit too muchoiloh well I’ll bring that over to theother side and I just quote the the topof it with oil and again it keeps itmoist so it’s not dry and then whatwe’re going to do is we’re going tostick it back in the oven for the lasttime so 10 minutes for the first timetake it out put some oil on it but then8 minutes for the secondright so there it is you’ll notice overhere my clean state highly did not EbolaI did talk a lot ten minutes I also waspaid cleaning up so it’s always youshould always clean up so we’ll put itin my mind automatically goes back tolike smothering honey on it it’s justthere’s something that’s you know rightnow the other it’s just there’s not muchbetter than that so it’s a quick recipeagain nothing special about it but whenwe say the words of institution bringinghis spirit his race into into the breadand under the bread surrounding thebread becoming the real presence ofJesus Christ so I hope you have funmaking itI hope you get ready to to worship withus maybe use some of that when we whenwe do you the peace of the Lord be withyou

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