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How to make Sourdough Hardtack- THE BEST TASTING Survival Bread, Biscuit

There’s hardtack, and then there’s my SOURDOUGH hardtack…. which tastes so much better in my humble opinion! Here’s a survival biscuit/bread with a very long shelf life that you’ll actually like to eat!

Emergency food supplies you can make yourself means you know exactly how it was made and what ingredients are in it, AND it will save you money.

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Video Transcription

hey guys Brooke will be here welcome tomy channel today I want to talk aboutsomething I’ve been thinking a lot aboutlately which is food security there’s alot of things you can do yourself toprepare in advance for food outages ordisruptions in the food supply one thingyou can do is make some hardtack now ifyou’ve never messed around with heartattack it’s a really interesting productit has a very long shelf life now heartattack was a staple food of the CivilWar soldiers and basically all hearttech is is a simple biscuit with justflour water a little bit of salt but inthis recipe I’m gonna add sourdough justfor some more flavor I’ve beenexperimenting and I think I’ve got agood recipe that you’ll enjoy once it’sbaked and the moisture is completelydrawn out of this little biscuit it willlast on your shelf for a very very longtime I personally like them I thinkthey’re tasty but you better have somegood teeth to dig in let’s get startedpartek is really simple we’re just gonnamake a very basic dough with basicingredients first thing you’re gonnaneed is some flour using two and of 1/3cups of all-purpose flour all right nowyou’re gonna need some whole wheat flourI just wanted to add in some whole wheatfor some extra nutritional value andjust an interesting flavor if you don’tuse whole wheat flour very often Irecommend you store it in your freezerand that way won’t go rancid gonna gowith one cup of whole wheat flour therewe gonext up is salt I’m just using a pinkHimalayan sea salt and I’m going to putin three teaspoons and I’m just going tomix that up just a little bit to combineit now I’m gonna add one and a half cupsof water all right I haven’t mixed thatin yet I’m going to add in my sourdoughnow and gonna go with half a cup smellsgood I love the smell of sourdoughnow if you guys have never worked withsourdough before I have a video on howto make your own starter and I’ll putthe link below if you’re interested inthat now we just need to stir it up I’mgonna want this to be a nice sturdydough not too wet it seems a little bittoo wet you can always add a little moreflour this looking good so far now forme the addition of the sourdough andprobably a little more salt than is in anormal recipe I just really like theflavor of it more throw some flour on mysurface now I just can flatten this outinto a rectangle you can either do itwith your hands or you can totally use arolling pin I see it rolls out reallynicely just gonna put it into a squareand you can make these as thick as you’dlike I made the last ones about aquarter inch thick and Dave thoughtmaybe they should be thicker so I’m justgonna leave them a little thicker thistime okay guys the next step is to cutit into some squares or whatever shapeyou want to use I’m just gonna use apizza cutter works really really goodfor this so I’m just gonna cut them intokind of like saltine crackers sizecrackers or biscuits kind of like thatlittle ting at the end there we go nextthing you can do is make some littleindentations into your biscuit and I usethe tip of a chopstick to do that and Ikeep a little flour here to dip the endin just so it doesn’t stick and I justdo some little dots indentations acrossmy biscuit it’s just gonna helpdistribute the moisture in the cracker Ineed to I kind of just like the look ofit too[Music]reason hardtack lasts so long on theshelf is there’s no oils there’s nobutters there’s nothing that’s going togo rancid in this in this little crackeror biscuit I remember the first time Iever tried hard tack was on alone seasonfour on the History Channelso after 49 days in the wilderness whenthey actually came and got us off theshow we were given hardtack and thatstuff tasted it was so good it was soamazing to mehad a great crunch and after eating likestraight fish in like limpets for sevenweeks you wanted something crunchy youwanted something salty that you couldreally sink your teeth intoso this hardtack experience my first onewas just magical so making your ownhaving something that is so shelf-stablethat you don’t have to buy it’sliterally pennies on the dollar to makethis stuff if you think about theingredients it’s just something reallyworthwhile that you can do at home andsomething you can put away that’s goingto be there in case of you know a foodemergency these are also great to put inyour backpacks take hunting you knowjust a great staple you put them in somesoups in some kind of broth or liquidand they just really give a nicesubstance to your soup okay now I’mgonna put these on my cookie sheetdoesn’t have to be greased or anything Iuse parchment on my sheets but you don’thave to it’s not too fussy all right nowit goes in the oven for about 20 minutesthen we’re gonna flip the crackers overand bake for another 20 minutes I got myoven set at 350and we wait okay the timer just went offthat blasted me with some steam oh we’regonna flip these over in order for thesethings to be completely shelf-stable youhave to draw every little bit ofmoisture out of so it’s really importantthat they are really really super drythus the name hardtack back in I’m gonnarotate the pants to I’m gonna say itsmells really good in here the sourdoughadds so much character to these hardtacks you might be just eating these ofsnacks all day long oh just like acarrot here we go all right here we golet’s see we got pretty crunchy prettypretty dry make show you what I gotso here we have the finished hardtackit’s actually I think really deliciousall right there it is now to really besure that they’re dry you’re gonna wantto leave them out leave them out in theair probably another day or two just tomake sure they’re completely dry youdon’t want to put them away with anykind of moisture that is the key withkeeping them shelf stable guys I want totalk about storage real quick what youbasically have here is a survival breadsurvival viscus you guys want to keep itreally dry you want to keep it moisturefree so that’s how I store mine verycool thing about these is you take themcamping you get out there in thebackcountry you’re gonna need somethingrugged tough that’s not gonna spoil takesome hard tack with you you can use thisfor so many things and it’s gonna tastegreat and you’re gonna have a survivalbread that’s gonna last a really reallyreally long time now apparently back inthe day the sailors and the soldiersthat were issued this as a ration theywould take the butt of their rifle andchop it up just so they can eat it theyput it in their soups they’d have itwith beer coffee teaor even just plain salt water to helpdissolve it and eat it so I don’t know Ijust kind of like to eat it just likethis when it’s fully hardened this outfor a day I mean it sounds like a brickI’m gonna hit your counter but I kind oflike itI like the chew bike the crunch veryexciting for your mouth I’ve starvedbefore and I’ve had a piece of this andit was like gold so I highly recommendit if you want to see more sour 2recipes click the link below it’s got awhole playlist and as always thanks forjoining meI’ll see you on the next one this girlknowit’s she gone oh don’t forget to getoutside you get happy[Music]

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