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Microsoft Sam fails at Baking Cookies

Welcome everyone to the premiere of MSFA (Microsoft Sam fails at)!

in this episode, Sam was enjoying his day eating Taco’s, until Mike came up to him to say that Mary has a component incompatible with her new hardware, and that she could not bake cookies for Australia day. Sam then was tasked to substitute, but it didn’t go so well. what happened was Sam made the best cookies, yet they caused Mike and ROFLsoft to crash.

MORAL: never let Sam bake cookies.

NOTE: my Sam doesn’t fail, but he felt bored so he made a show about him failing at random shit.

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Video Transcription

[Music]what a great dayyummy tacos I’m nom nom nom nom nomtacos for the whip Microsoft Sam can Ihave your assistance for one hourtrimmer mod for a No well if the bosshasn’t told you this already we’rebailing out of the studio on AustraliaDay to head down to the beach with somehomemade Aussie pizza taco flavored cakeand triple chocolate chip time wavecookies along with six packs of CokePepsi and Mountain Dew but mary has anincompatible components in her Martinair Lawrence and Reese are fixing her upbut the operation won’t be completeuntil 12 o’clock midnight and sinceeveryone is super busy with getting ulb11 prepared for production you and I arethe only ones who can substitute that’sfine by me I had nothing to do anywaybesides eating my tacos let’s head downto the kitchen to start Hey oh and bythe way dude will you be able to makethe cookies properly this timeyep I have enough cooking experiencewhen it comes to cookies besides I amthe master at making dummy chocolatechip cookies I disagree but buckets I’mtoo lazy to explain shits just don’tblow up the damn oven you dumbassI don’t blow up now let’s bake somecookies first we need 150 grams ofsoftened we’re packin salted butter thenhalf a cup of brown sugarfollowed by laughs a cup of castor sugarand then one egg and fountas we’reputting in that damn ha – so that’sdisgusting not AG disgusting mask yourtiny penis that you shut the upwhile the goddamn Microsoft Sam istalking now let’s continuelook look what the what thethat goddamn it Samthese cookies hell aten-year-old could actually make bettercookies than you shut the up Rafasoft like hell anyone could beat my good old-fashioned extra chewychocolate chip cookies what a bet lookat Mike he’s only like thatbecause the cookies were justterrific for his hardware ifyou want me to believe you then I shalltaste one for myself using my organicmaterials processor[Music][Music]I’ll just conveniently slip away andpretend this random never happened[Music]

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