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thanks so much for watching! if you made it through the whole video then omg thank you so much because I personally stopped watching halfway through…. LOL just kidding (but like maybe…)

this video literally has no purpose but those honestly are the most fun! I make cookies or just bake in general when I am bored so I decided to film it this time and I did not do a very good job BUT ITS THE THOUGHT that counts…. ya know??

ANYWAY, I am going to be attempting to post 1 to 2 videos a week so click the subscribe button if you want to or don’t I really wouldn’t blame you(:

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Video Transcription

hey guys what’s up I’m in a very perfectanyway today I just thought that youactually hang out with mecuz why not and by you guys I literallymean nobody because in reality I knowthat nobody who’s gonna watch thesevideos so I thought why not make thesevideos like the content in them with meknowing nobody is going to watch it youknow any me I’m gonna make cookies todayI’m gonna make cookie I don’t know why Ijust want to he’s on board so I’m at thestoredon’t look at my double chin she makesappearances very often that I do notlike the one of her so I’m gonna getwhat I need I think I only need likebrown sugar and butter but that it maygo to Starbucks can get a tea because Ireally want some black tea right nowit’s really freaking bomb itself comewith me why did I go down a baby aisleI don’t know why but looking at thisstuff always fascinates me I don’t Ialways look at it like I’m gonna buysome of it and I never do maybe youshould look but there’s things cars comehit nothing for you can I get a ventiiced mock to you with no sweetenerfirst off because I need to get myStarbucks I knowfrom where this camera quality is somuch like marc.bieri she didn’t seeeverything I got like my drink and I hadthree dollars even on my leg Starbucksapp so the total was 325 for my tea andI was like oh I have three on here andso he skated before I could finishtalking and then he was like do you wantto reload that card real quick and I waslike then me I get nervous like I waslike she doesn’t want to take myquarter cuz I like was handing him I wastrying to like hand him a quarter and Iwas like um like what’s the remainingbalance and he was like oh it’s 25 centsoh again he was like oh it’s just25 cents and I was like oh well likeis quarter and he was like oh yeah likeI don’t think he like heard me when Iwas originally like oh like could I justlike pay whatever’s on here and thenthey give you the rest it wasn’t thatbig of a deal but me being like me Ifreaked out and think everything was abig deal so yeah we home when we youknow when I get home I’m gonna clean upthe kitchen because I like my familymakes a mess of the kitchen and then Ilove to clean it up a cleaning ladyquick for some reason she quit I knowthe reason why like she was having likesick so I mean that’s not really herfaultI understand like the family comes firstbut now like okay our house is just likealways a messand then like I’ll pick it up and thenI’ll just be a mess again because wealso have a puppy and he just you takeevery single time okay your neighborweird name he’s not weird but we justdon’t like you how am I gonna bring allthis in this was luring me tryingto get inside because I didn’t want touse it’s like to try hihe’s like ok let me know give me a bedhe’s I know you left me you left meanyway back to real matters at hand youknow they didn’t already tell you what Igotsee how good content I love this hoodmoment it really hides all myinsecurities not really but like alsorecently I cut my hair like chopped itall off um that was a mistakecuz I hate it now um I’m salutely hey myhair my problem with my hair this islike a whole frickin story my problemwith my hair is that I ever since likemy sophomore year of high school I’m asophomore in college now so this hasbeen or like problem for like yearsmy hair doesn’t grow like it doesn’tgrow both of my sisters have very verylike long thick hair I have thin hairthat doesn’t grow like ever since mysophomore year of high school it likedidn’t get past like break here sothat’s how long I would get just likeright here and you’re probably saying ohthat’s pretty long not really when Iwant my hair to be super super long soas you can see my hair is a weird colorright like it’s like Oh kind of lookslike copper um yeah that’s his my was itI don’t know if it was my junior year ifit was my sophomore year in high schoolI think it was like the summer I wasgoing into junior yearI got highlights in my hair so that’sbleach um but I had it done by my hairlady um but then a little like later Idecided I’m bored of this I’m gonna dyemy hair dark brown so I dyed my hairdark brown and I continued dyeing itdark brown and then eventually I’m likeyou know what I’m gonna dye it red likenot right Brad like it was more like aburgundy it was really really pretty Ireally liked it love that color wanna goback to it but when you dye your hairlike and it has any type of hello whenyou die here and has any type of likebread in it um the red like stays inyour hair it like won’t go away sothat’s fine me like I don’t really careum but since I dyed my hair someoneshould damaged it and I would knock atmy haircut because I was like I’m notgonna cut it because if I cut it this issuch like bad logic but I was like nowlike this is like totally true if I cutit it’s not going to grow because I’mgonna be cutting ityeah I don’t understand either um so afew I think it was a day after ChristmasI decided you know what I’m gonna chopall my hair off 20/20 is gonna be myyear for healthy long good hair so we’restarting off and it it’s probably grab alittle bit because I feel like it’sgotten a little bit cuz I feel like itwas a little bit shorter um but we’llsee so I’ll keep you guys updated on myhair journey that was a really long story that you guys probablydidn’t want to freaking hear but I toldyou anyway anyway that’s my whole thingwith my hair it’s a love-haterelationship mostly hate but yeah sofreakin good it’s literally just blacktea no sweetener I hate sweetie it’s soI hate to be teased so much it’s sofreakin gross this is what I got in thegrocery store thank you ohthank you soda oh my god so crazy Iwonder what I’m gonna use this oh my godum better and you know what I got I gotchallenged butter because I like tochallenge myself you know and honestly Igot unsalted I don’t know if you needunsalted for cookies it didn’t say itjust said butter but I remember frombaking cookies before that you usuallyneed unsalted right yeah this is madefrom milk from cows not treated withrBST so that’s good I think I don’t knowoh my god okay in the store there waslike dark brown sugar and light brownsugar what’s the freaking difference whycan’t there just be brown sugar therewas not anything that said just brownsugar it was like either light or dark Idon’t know the frickin difference isthere a difference probably not knowthere’s probably is a differencebut I just didn’t want to look it up andat the grocery store there’s no servicein the store so I couldn’t even look atso I decided to get light brown sugarbecause it had cookies on it so I waslike that’s cookies on it obviouslyyou’re gonna like you know that’s all Igot making cookies so hopefully youdon’t need anything else like you onlybetter this and this right I don’t knowoh my god this has cookies on the backtoo no one has a little girl okay so I’mback and I’m kind of just strugglingwith the camera right now I miss mykitchen does not like having to set upfor like Oh cooking who’s like you knowso I’m I’m we’re working with what wehave yeah so I had to write all of theinstructions and ingredients andeverything on here because I’m using myphone to film because my camera I don’twant to charge it because I’m lazy so Ididn’t even I didn’t even look at whatto preheat the oven cross that bridgewhen I get to it if you’re wonderingwhat my outfit isI don’t know I love spanked me more onthis story so I have this it lookssturdy I promise it’s not it’s justreally old and so this is what we’regonna use to determine what 3/4 so wehave our butter this shirt literallymakes me look so wide ok whatever wehave our butter so basically what I’mgonna do is I’m gonna put it in here andI’m gonna like I honestly don’t knowwhat I’m gonna do okaymy dad fun fact my dad butterhe cannot like he can eat it but it’sbest if he doesn’t you know because likein the bathroom we’ll be seeing him sothat’s a fun fact another contract mybrother and sister or my sister gonna behome soon this is making such a mess Ifeel like this is not gonna be goodlike I feel like I’m notnobody said it was gonna be easy wedon’t know what the outcome is gonna bebut that’s the fun partyou know like life has its challengesabout it and you never know what toexpectbut that’s the fun partyou know the 3/4 right there so I’mguessing that this is 3/4 of a cup ofbutters that’s good it’s not oh well whocares I mean just realistically can eatthese me it’s not good it’s not frickingood enough and that’s not my faultso we just journey this for nothingwe’re gonnathere okay what’s nextI don’t know start with the butter creamthe butter brown sugar and white sugartogether oh my god okay I don’t have anelectric mixer though so that’s gonna bekind of difficult funny hey guys guysmake it home with me always so funso as I was writing down this recipe itwas actually I guess like I feel likethis is a Mandela I feel like they’renever used to be like dark brown sugarand like light brown sugar I feel likeit always used to be like just brownsugar but now like in every cookierecipe I was looking at it was like ohyou can use like either or like but eachhave like different effects and I’m likethat never used to be a thing like it’snot just me like I ever remember thatbeing a thing like it was always just ohthis is brown sugar like maybe it’s anew thing but like it’s freaking weirdlike I’m supposed to do I’m supposed tocream the butter brown all of ittogether okay well how do people do thiswith my hand mixers were a thing likealready I’m struggling oh my god okaycream it togetherI work later and I don’t want to go Iworked this will be the fourth day inrow and we close at 12:30 well no weclose at 12:00 to 8:00 instead I’m 11and I don’t want to I really just don’twant to go and I also had school for thepast three days okay this is proving tobe very difficult I’m gonna use a forkbecause I feel like a fork is gonna workso much better I already likeI have an update service they cameraquality spirit I think there’s somethingon my camera but I cannot get it off soI stopped filming me has my siblingscame home and they wanted to talk to meso I just stopped but right now I’mputting the chocolate chips in lookslike for some reason I decided to cut upthe chocolate chips don’t know why soyeah I’m gonna make the chocolate chipsin and then put it in the freezer for itto chill for an hourso yeah that’s rad sorry that you didn’tget to take the like quality content ofme like making the dough but like youreally didn’t miss much so I just tookthe dough out I took the dough out ofthese qualities and I’m rolling theminto balls now I’m putting them on thisplate because you need to like put it inthe fridge again after you’ve rolledthem into balls I don’t know but I’mjust following the thing because I wantthese to be good so yeah hey guys funnystory I forgot to end this videobecause I like finished up cookies andeverything but then I had to go to workit’s literally like what I said – OH -in the morning but yeah I finished thecookies so I’ll show you the finishedproduct they’re pretty good they’re notas like chewy as I would want them to beso might as well try again for anotherday but I mean they’re edible andthey’re good they taste like chocolatechip cookies like what do you think theyshe’s like but you know so I’ll show youthemthere was a lot more but I brought somenotebook for my co-workers like I leftlike a plate in the back so that theycould have some tomorrow and my familyate some yeah thanks for watching thisvideo sorry it was kind of like all overthe place but yeah that’s what happensyou know like that’s just what happenedin this legs she’s just going all overthe place um you don’t even know it butyeah stay tuned for my next videohopefully it’ll be more like in depthit’s like the feelings I don’tthat right well my gates um thank somuch for watching subscribe even thoughnobody’s watching this if nobody’swatching this subscribe gais bye

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