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Making No-Bake Cookies

We’re in my kitchen today making Avalanche Cookies. They are absolutely delicious; a peanut butter/marshmallow cream mixed with Rice Krispie cereal. They are so good and don’t take much time at all to make!

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Video Transcription

hi everybody you’re in dips kitchenagain today and we’re going to make somecookies actually we’re not gonna bakewe’re going to make some cookies andthey are called avalanche cookiesI discovered this recipe just a fewyears ago and they’ve become a topfavorite of me and William – very easyto make very few ingredients and they’reabsolutely deliciousso I’m gonna make those today they arenot specifically for Christmas reallythey’re and an eight-time type cookiebut I I basically make them at Christmastime because I don’t make many othercookies so anyway what we’re gonna startwith is you have a pound of whitechocolate now I have used almond barkrocks on mark that’s just as good I’vealso used vanilla flavored whiteGhirardelli chocolate that’s very goodalso okay today I’ve got Bronx in thereand then you use half a cup of peanutbutter and I’m using Peter Pan itdoesn’t matter what brand just whippedcream II creamy whatever peanut butterand half a cup of that and two cups ofrice krispies and it sends about 1/4 ofa cup of semi-sweet chocolate morselsI’ve got the mini ones here so I may beadding a little bit more to my cookiesat the end I just chose the mini minimorsels this time around for some reasonto be different I guess so I’m gonnastart with melting the white chocolateand the peanut butter together and youcan either do it in a double boiler orin a microwave and I’ve always done itin the microwave faster easier that’swhat I do you can start while that’smelting we can start with justputting the cereal in my mixing bowlhere and the marshmallows as well andactually yes I tweaked my recipes so Imay add more marshmallows I may add moresemi-sweet morsels as well in the makingof the cookie is that just I think theyuse them they give you the measurementsin this case as a guide to go by this iswhat you start with if you want to addmore it’s not going to you know ruin thecookie by any means so I’m just waitingfor those chocolate and the peanutbutter to meltmore marshmallows so just these are niceand fresh marshmallows too I’ll show youthe mixture when I’m all done mixingthings up because all you do you mix upthe ingredients in the bowlyou take your tablespoon and you formyour cookies put it on a cookie sheetwith parchment paper on it and put themin the refrigerator and they form thatway but I’m going to take my rings offright now I meant to do that earlierbecause because I’ll be working with myhands and I’m gonna wash my handsit doesn’t take long to do these cookiesit’s just melting the chocolate and thepeanut butter together really mixing itand that’s about it and then waiting forthe cookies to set up in the frigeratorand we check that everything is lookingpretty smooth then we’re gonna just mixit up here cuz everything’s really niceand hotyeah really hot some of the lumps out ofthe white chocolate Harris it melts intothe peanut butternow I’m trying to show you what I’ve gothereokay so what I have is this and I’mpouring it into the rice krispies andthe marshmallows[Music]it’s the ingredients of your cookies themain ingredients that is your cookiebatter if you want to call it that it’syour cookie mix okay so I’m gonna buytablespoon get this scoop down and onthe cookie sheet and then put in therefrigerator I do put them on parchmentpaper on my cookie sheet okay andusually I put a nice heaping tablespoonfull okay the mixture is nice and warmso be careful it’s not overly hot but itis warm and of course this does notspread it just sets in the refrigeratorand molds togetherand you can see why I take my rings offbecause my hand it’s awfully hooky butmy hand is clean or was clean before Istarted honest it wasalmost forgot my chocolate chipsyou just put however many chocolate chipmorsels you want to put on the top ofeach cookieit doesn’t matter or don’t put any ifyou don’t like them or try butterscotcheven a different flavorI don’t know which is better to workwith the mini morsels or just a regularsize I guess we’ll see after I finishthis and just see how it goes okay letme bring the camera around and show youwhat I’ve got to put in therefrigerators first off this is thefirst sheet of cookies but as you cansee I’ve just generously put the thechocolate chips on it I’m gonna stickthis sheet into my refrigerator and letit set up and I’m gonna start the secondsheet which won’t be quite as full asthis one I don’t think but I’ll get thatone going too and I think I see a holehere I’m gonna put another cookie inbefore I put it in the fridge but I’llbe back to you when I finish the secondsheet didn’t have a lot of cookiemixture left so I have a really smallcooking sheet here before I put thecookie sheet of cookies into therefrigerator I cover it with saran wrapas well so the first one was covered Ijust prefer to cover them you don’t haveto I guess but I do prefer to cover soI’m gonna cover this little sheet andstick it in the fridge and wait a coupleof hours before my cookies are done I’lllet you take a look at it but they lookpretty similar to what they are now okayI can just break them apart alright Ihope you’re all having a great day outthere it’s another dreary very sunlesskind of rainy afternoon here it’s beenthat way all day reallythat’s our winter it’s not that coldthough so that’s one good thing and wedo need the rain that’s another goodthing I hope you’re all having a greatday take care we’ll be talking againreal soon but bye for now

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