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Make some (iffy) Gingerbread Cookies!

Hello everyone~~

Though the holidays are over, it’s never too late to make some cookies. In this video, I made some gingerbread cookies with… uh…. questionable substitutions. Let me know if you prefer this informal kind of voiceover, but then again, I’ll just voice these videos however I feel lol.


Perfect Gingerbread Cookies without Molasses

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

all right hello everyone today we willbe making gingerbread cookies it’s gonnabe a little wide that’s because Irealize didn’t have some of theingredients and have to make some riskysubstitutions but if you want to join meon this gingerbread journey then pleasecontinue watching to start my firsterror was I forgot to take out thebutter so it’s not soft it’s a littlelike room temperature but it’s not likeI stopped those we need it to be forthis so I’m going to actually cut up mysticks of butter[Music]then I just moved those on slices ofbutter into a microwave-safe full and Ijust popped the whole thing in themicrowave there like 30 seconds untilthe butter was softenedI just moved that one cup of unsaltedbutter and tube mixing and then I addedone cup of brown sugar I substitutedthis in the recipe there’s to be calledfor a white but I use brown because Ithought they probably make it more onthe foam gingerbreadythey get more Brown looking and then Ijust whisked everything together and itshould be pretty easy to whisk nowbecause your butter should be prettysoft from and of course if all the sugarthat’s stuck them in so I just use aspoon to push it out and then just keepmixing this mixture and eventually itwill start looking pretty now to thismixture you want to add one eggand then you want to add one cup ofhoney when I started this recipe Irealized I did not have molasses so Itook put change it and I think the honeyis added here because it makes up forthat like that thick syrupy mixturemixture consistency that molasses hasand then I needed white vinegar both andI just dipped it in trying to show thisbut I added two tablespoons of whitevinegar I was kind of like fifty libbetsfor me cuz I only have the Filipino likegot to Booty or whatever vinegar but Imean we’ll see how it goes after you addthose things gonna start mixing it andit looks really gross like if you seelike where the liquidy parts are it’slike the vinegar in the egg mixing mixit up keep going pretty nasty so keepmixing[Music]and then it still looks pretty gross Idon’t know why it looks like that butkeep going and hopefully you’ll getsomething that works I guess mine looklike this men’s Oh another zoomin Iguess and then you want to get a sheetof parchment paper and you fold thecorners across from each other to theother it’s like I don’t I discard thisyou’re gonna make like a triangle whenyou pulled it and I only do this becauseI didn’t want to wash another dish andyou’re gonna just sift ingredients ontothis anyway actually uses some chemistryfor the balancing papers you know and Ineed to put it on that sheet or whateverand you’re gonna sift five cups ofall-purpose flour I couldn’t fit it inmy dinky little sifter you guys see medo multiple sipsyeah I just keep sifting we’ve got anice little mountain and then we canstart adding by their dryness so youneed 1/2 teaspoon of salt four and ahalf teaspoons of baking powder I didn’thave taking soda and I looked upsomewhere that you can use three timesthe amount of baking powder for everybaking soda amount and two teaspoons ofground ginger 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and1 teaspoon of allspice I didn’t have theground cloves that’s the recipe calledfor so he’s balls place instead I onlyknow if there’s a big differencenow here’s gonna sift everythingtogetherno get a giant mountain by the end of itwell you can do it she’s goingand you want to start adding you’retrying to get to the what Tom I startedputting in there not too long I justdumped everything then afterwards and Istarted whisking at first but you willsee it doesn’t really come togetherbecause what’s being a dough is not mathlike not by good idea[Music]and eventually you’ll just turn it outonto your counter[Music][Music]and then begin leading order there’s noreal technique to meeting it I mean youcan just watch me and how I do have justlike holding the bill over again andagainoh and also make sure to not overworkthe dough I’m pretty sure that makesyour cookies tough but just make sureyou keep going until everything is wellincorporated[Music]just keep going and eventually yourdough will look something like this allnice and combined[Music]now we can move on to the next stageearlier Don’t Tell like I’m a log shapeand cut it in half we’re going torefrigerate this dough overnight or forthree hours and then I like to hold mydough in two rectangles I don’t know whypeople do circles doesn’t make sense cuzwhen you roll out I make a rectangle andthen I also put it on top of a piece ofsaran wrap and then just start foldingit in I actually didn’t have a bigenough piece for this air of saran wrapbecause I made my dog rectangle too bigso I just go in with a method pieceright here but yeah again you’re justgonna refrigerate this for three hours Ithink or just overnightnow onto your work surface the next dayor when you want to start baking putsome confectioners sugar onto yourcounter and then just spread out[Music]Dalton don’t forget to cover yourrolling pin – you don’t want any of thedough to stick[Music]and I’m sure I don’t know if you’venever made cookies before we just rollout your dough to our thick you want Ithink I ended up doing like 1/4 of aninch but to check you just cut off apiece and see how thick it is and justkeep pulling out your though and oncethat’s thick is one you can startcutting out so I used to do Batmanbecause there did you buy cookies andthen you just want a bakery dough at 350degrees Fahrenheit for 9 to 11 minutesnow on to the ice thing you’re going toneed powdered sugar and then you justkeep mixing those two until you get theconsistency you want if it’s too dry youcan add more water if it’s too wet youcan add more powdered sugar but theconsistency matters with decoratingbecause if it’s too stiff it’ll be hardto make the shapes and be hard forTillich below though the easier to makelike stiffer designs but if it’s toorunny it’ll just crowd the side so nowhere I amit’s piping the base two dots smile ifyou wanna make it French and then Istart doing the weird squigglesapparently know what the schools are foron a gingerbread men Mansoori by sua onthe arms and the feet and legsI don’t suppose to be like their pantlegs are like I don’t know their cuffsif you notice just let me know in thecomments below if you want[Music]and then I’m gonna start doing theirbuttons and it’s really not thatcomplicated and you can design themcover you want but yeah that’s basicallyeverything that happened thank you forjoining me with this weird gingerbreadjourney leave a like comment whateverthank you again

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