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Oatmeal Rainsin Cookies

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to my channel I amRuthie and I am getting ready to makeoatmeal raisin cookies and here are theingredients that you will need to makethese cookies I actually got this recipefrom a cookbook called Maria’s cookiejar and I will leave a link down belowso where you can find and purchase thebook for yourselfit is an amazing book it has a ton ofgood cookie recipes there’s a cookbookthen you can find for yourself as wellso the first thing I am going to do isall the wet ingredients which be yourbutter your brown sugar your white sugarand you are going to cream this until itis are you gonna mix it until it is niceand creamy and this is basic cooking 101you always see your your wet ingredientsfirst and then you add in the dry andonce I get this part well mixed then Iwill add in the vanilla and eggs and Iwill mix it until that is well blendedand I’m doing this on a low speed sothat way I don’t have the ingredientsflying all over my kitchen so you see meadded an alpha vanilla and I’m going toadd in the two eggs and I give thisanother way mix and it’s going to comeout to be a creamy mixture and then fromthere we will add in the drawyeah the dry ingredients which would beyour flour salt and baking powder andyou’ll see that coming up next so onceyou’re happy with your mixture andeverything looks well blended now youcan add in your dry so the first thingI’m doing is adding in the baking powderand the salt as well and then the flourand then I’m going to mix these togetherand do it do this on low speed so youdon’t have the flour flying all over theplace I’m using my hand mixer but youcan use your Kitchen Aid or whatevermixer you prefer to use and then once Iget all of this mixed together then Iwill add in the remaining ingredientswhich will be the oatsand then the reasons so put it in theraces persons about a cup and you canadd more if you prefer raisins if youwant you could even add cranberries oryou know whatever fruit flavor you wantbut this is an oatmeal raisin cookie butagain you can modify the recipe if youlike to your family’s liking and thenadd in the oats and I’m giving this alla good mix and make sure all the flouris incorporated correctly so now thateverything is mixed together it is nowtime to make the cookies so I am justusing a cookie scooperwe got the cookie scooper off Amazon itwas a set of three so this is I thinkthe medium sized one there’s a yeahthere’s a small medium into the big onethis is a medium sized one and it makeslife so much easier when you could justscoop the cookie out and put it or thecookie dough out and then put it on yoursheet pan it goes so much quicker thanhaving to do it by handas you can see time it just it saves alot of time having extra tools in thekitchen to help so I have all thecookies now on the sheet pans it takestwo sheet pans this should make about Ithink two dozen cookies but it dependson how big you making your cookies tothis here is the finished cookie theseare amazing my husband this is myhusband’s go to quickie he loves hiscookie I make it every year I hope yougive this recipe a try again I willleave the link down for the book belowand I will talk to you the next one

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