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hey dads we’re back with another video!! today me and pat baked some cookies and things got very messy. like, comment and subscribe:) if you got this far comment 🍪

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music][Laughter]so we’re making cookies is not that hard[Music]butter you could do that for a wholestick yeah one whole stick he goes whateight tablespoons okay Ohhearing okay I bet you practice egg withone hand good but I can we just allstick okay I think I said it better butwe’re not going alright oh yeah that’schocolate-chip cookie they better bedone when I go to work what time is itwell it’s almost four o’clock because wedon’t have a whisk you know yes mix itwhisk it[Music]it’s gonna make like two cookies thatwas Janice you told me to say that she’sthat for YouTube Pat you know I’m noteven get up mmm finished almost productwhat is itwhat never seen one of these yes babe ohyeah I’m gonna go off camera to eatthose come in the peoples are goodimaging because that’s not helpingand we’re done finally well that onlytook two minutesShawn so the cookies are Banshees funnyare you playing the man with me what isit what is it of B Norris you what is ityeah hola oh let me at me and Genesistell you about our conspiracy theory onTitanic and frozen and maybe a littlebit of Tarzan okay tell me tell me thestory no me and Jess were like hey Patwell I was like well hey gene let’swatch Titanic and then they’re like andthen Jane was like I’m down and I waslike okay we’ll put it on and so we’relike okay we’re watching Jack like aboutto get his ticket or whatever and he wassitting down these two friends spend andhola do you know what that means thatmeans Jack had Olaf and Sven in theocean now stay with me this word getstrickywhere do you hear Olaf and Sven oh yeahfrozen frozen Gina what frozen is fromyeah Elsa who’s else’s husband who’sother Ice King Oh your way his name’sJack Jack Dawson yeah maybe I don’t knowman how’s that ship sink Elsa’s parentssink much frozen to side no no but we’regonna find out I know it sounds likewe’re the watch frozen – to find out yepyeah mm-hmm it does like it’s on a timerit’s already heating oh nooh okay we creating tic TOCs oppa if shecan’t go out I have got on one bad shape[Laughter]do it again do it again[Music][Laughter][Laughter]that was all for today’s video if youguys don’t see us we can check trucksyou better watch next gens video we’reclosing out this video like it commentsubscribe we me and Pat my dua angry nowe might do a recreating tik toks videoyeah we’ll see how that goesok close it out pop[Music][Music]

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