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How To Make A Plate Of Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Video Transcription

welcome to Portland’s Channel today I’mgoing to teach you how to make a plateof chocolate chip cookies today I’mgoing to make two so buy you can buy youyour own but you can make one if you youcan just make one everyonefirst I will mix tough cookie and thenI’ll do the chocolate chipsokay usually a color like this next takeoff from a very very small person andthen color it brownokay I have made a chocolate chip thecolor for the chocolate chip now dividedinto two portions okay and take theportions and flatten them if you looklike this this little like this now nextget the chocolate chip blah okay with achocolate chipit will meet earlier okay take the takethe chocolate chip and then break off asvery very small piece and rolling thesnowball and stick it under the cookieyou can play as many chocolate chips asyou want there is no limit depending onthe size of your cookie you anymoreor let more or less cookies andchocolate chipsokay so then what the cookie looks likeafter after the chocolate chips are puton you had a chocolate chip cookiesThanks then take a small blob of whiteblue tack and squish sweet flatten itshould be quite thin after you’re doneleave the cookies out there you have itthis is how you make a play of chocolatechip cookiesthank you for watching porn card pleaseplease write down what kind of it butthen you I may upload a in the commentsbelow I I will make I’ll try and make itthank yousee see you in the next video

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