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Sesame Street: Make a Smoothie with Cookie Monster | Cookie Monster Snack Chat #2

It’s time for another Cookie Monster Snack Chat. The show where you eat more than you chat! Today’s snack is healthy and yummy: a smoothie! But be careful not to get a brain freeze!
Join Cookie Monster for a quick snack break, but make sure to always wash your hands first. Post your snacks with Snack #WithMe


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Video Transcription

♪ It’s Snack Chat, snackity chat ♪♪ Doopa doodley doo ♪♪ The show where you
snack more than you chat ♪♪ It’s Snack Chat! ♪- Hiya!Me your host, Cookie Monster.Before we start, me just want to make surethat everyone’s hands nice and clean.Yeah, look me hand’s clean as whistle.(exhales)(blows raspberry)Me no can whistle.Now, if you’re like me
you’ve been home eating lotsof snackies lately, yeah.Toaster pastries, gone.Fruit cup, delicious but gonesville.Granola bars, they long gone-ski.But don’t worry ’cause me
got little snackie ideafor our little snackie chatty.Me going to show you how
to make fruit smoothie.But don’t worry.Me not changing me name
to Fruit Smoothie Monster.Me still Cookie Monster.(moaning)Okay, first be sure to
have grown-up help you.Now in blender, put any fruit you have.Me using strawberries.Add a little milk, add some
ice, and blend it all together,and just like that it
delicious strawberry smoothie.Mm, num, num, num, num.Cheers.Clink.(gulping and moaning)Ah, now that, brain freeze.Me got brain freeze.Me got brain freeze.Yeah, here a little
snack chat snacking tip.Take it slow.Yeah.Post all your healthy and delicious snackswith the hashtag, #withme.Yeah.Snack #withme.Yeah.And join me again next timefor another episode of Snack Chat.Where me sign?Where me Snack Chat sign?Oh, here.♪ Snack chat ♪♪ Snackity chat ♪♪ Doopa doodley doo ♪- [Announcer] Caring for each other.Visit videos, activities, and
tips for the whole family.

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