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MAKING COOKIES! | Vlogmas Day 21

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Video Transcription

[Music]making a delicious chili and then takingit over to my brother’s house becausewe’re gonna to create some please stayto you of the cookie that green madnesswait Barefoot Contessa is shaking in herboots look at how good this looks thisis like Food Network Status okay I don’tput potatoes in so the carrots kind ofact as the potatoes this is a fullveggie chili you aliens are so crazyyou’re the chili you tried it rude allright figure Alton Brown or somethingit’s really goodit’s just right amount of spice and thecarrots I never thought cares of thesecarrots in thereit’s so good right now you eat your foodlook at these cookies they’re looking sogood good man ago she was complainingthat she can’t write opinions she can’tmake that game she couldn’t cut thecookies kids look good in there theywould’ve ruined it’s all[Music]the more you do Melrose Chico we’reabout to go watchtowers again next dayfinished watching Rises Skywalker stillfirmly stand by everything that I’vesaid even though I’m getting more barbedset at all over the freakin articlesthat I’m reading I still liked it shedidn’t emotional it’s such a good storyyou are getting emotional he’s fightingwith me for reasons we can’t likeemotionalyeah hero no good we’re actually singingit again on Christmas Day and then I’mseeing again on Monday with Lena oh yeahmore times I have to watch it at leastfour or five times yep in other news Ihave a game that I want to show you guyswhat is this app game so I’ve beenplaying this for a little bit it’scalled Disney collect by tops and it’s acard game so we like card games here inthis house okayso freaking nerdy but I love card gameslike that’s just my jam I’ve beenplaying it for about two weeks now oneof my favorite parts is you don’t reallyhave to spend any money you can but youcan play the game and collect a bunch ofcurrency so let me explain what it’sabout it’s just it’s a card collectingapp and it’s by Disney so they have allour favourite Disney characters in itokay I know I know so let me show youcut I have a screen recording going whenyou first log in there’s daily rewardsso you can claim a magic dick in it itgives you oh that’s a new card I didn’thave their different rarities in thecards so like imagine like a holographicor a super shiny card hey there’s stufflike that and you collect cards basedoff of coins which you earn through thedaily rewards they just gave you coinslike I just got 2000 wines I’m justabout to get another 5000 coins ohthey’re so cool they’re little MickeyMouse head I know you’re so cute I don’tknow if we’re like Disney enthusiastthis is like your jam then there’smissions that you can complete and youcan collect cards but do they collectbuy tops is actually they’re paying youto promote their app which I wouldn’tpromote unless actually reallyI know that oh my gosh I got a newlittle Queen Merida has arrived to youravatars nice it wasn’t avatar hang onone sec I gotta get to my dealer wordseems to have timer so you can come backand collect coins and mystery boxesthroughout the day which is really niceI have like little push notifications onmy going it takes me like ten seconds todo and I’m just constantly adding morecoins for me to spend on cards right nowI have 16,000 coinswatch a lot almost 17 that’s almost onbrand it’s almost a friendthey have another fun thing let me showyou this it’s like a wheel so it’s likeyou make a little wish and collect thecards and you think like all of themwithin the day if you keep going back soit comes in a card pack I’m gonna showyou how to do something in a second[Music]the big message here is I’m partneringthe tops because they’re doing yoursuper huge giveaway although theinformation is in a link down below soyou can click on that and check all theway up I’m gonna give you a briefexplanation on what it is you should doit it doesn’t really cost you anythingin it the swag is pretty dope I lovefree stuff it’s really good first thingyou have to do is follow tops Disney onTwitter or tops digital on Instagram andthen go to the store go to the launchbase and collect 20 gold cards there’s ahundred in total and you only need tocollect the twenty so it’s two thousandfirst standard pack that’s one fact I’mgonna do it right now let’s see if I cancollect anything so once you collect the20 so I’ve already collected one tocollect 20 in total what’s 2000 coinstimes 20 I don’t know Matt but it’s thatmuch but you can collect that all in asingle day there was more three pointsthat I haven’t collected you have toexplore the app to kind of figure it outbut there’s also crafting that’s comingto the app so that if you get carddoubles you can craft them into highertier cards let me assure you can I showthem on Russia yes please show this ismy collection 32 there’s specialChristmas cardI live for these things and cards sellout so you want to go into the shop andyou want to buy them with your coincurrency that you get for free effortchecking in on the app every single dayand like these are my rare cards andthen these are uncommon but I have themand I could trade with people within thegame so I think you guys can add meansI’m strawberry 17 but I’m missing thebiggest part so once you follow them onTwitter Instagram you collect 20 goldcards from the base set here’s the grandprize you’re entered to win it willinclude a thousand dollars worth gift cards $100 worth ofin-app currency and one gifted d23 goldmembership that’s valued at over $100 Idon’t know if you guys remember thedisco Disney rollerskating thing we wentto that was a d23 member of onlyexclusive event so it’s pretty cool theyhave things like that all the time Idon’t know it’s just a fun game it’ssomething I’m playing for the pastcouple weeks and I’ve really enjoyedthey are paying me to promote this appand tell you about the awesome giveawaybut I wouldn’t do that unless I actuallyreally liked it and enjoyed playing soyeah do what you want with that if youdo end up downloading the game you cango through my collection and see ifthere’s anything you want to trade letme know I don’t have any friends on thisyet trade me trade me I’ve been doingtraits with random people it’s prettyfun let’s go like it’s really cool letme know what gold cards you get tweet orInstagram me which one’s a guy or I gotElsa first should I open up the rest youwant to see me spend there so money I’mgonna get some more free coins reallyexplore the app there’s a store but thenthere’s things like there’s a free packthere’s there’s all this stuff thatthey’re giving you within the app if youlook for a little Christmas Mulan Ithink I get really excited when I getanything tangled okay you get diamondsno I think many more packs oh my godbabe acts like a cool baymax next oneit’s called hot dog got Dumbo Pocahontascall it which one is it gonna be nice nothe beast beast beast in a Peter Panthat’s so great I could earn another2000 coins and I canour in 15 minutes but I’ve alreadycompleted a couple different missionswhich is gonna give me some more coinsreally easy oh my gosh I just got 25,000coins you earn coins very easily anywaysI should probably in those logs I’m justgonna keep playing this game is yourhand well you got it a little shaky okay[Music]

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