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How To Make Chocolate Chip Cookies (kinda)

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These cookies turned out ok but I guess you’re not supposed to use wax paper 😬😬😬

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to cooking with
Jack stone so today we’re making the
greatest food of all time
chocolate chip cookies all right we’re
gonna start this up right off so we’re
gonna need some ingredients right we’re
gonna need some salt sorry what up flour
this on the pressure we’re gonna need
baking powder butter heck brown sugar
original recipe thank you chocolate
chips we’re gonna preheat the oven to
350 degrees Fahrenheit all right oh I
forgot an ingredient gasps
all right so now we have our bowl for
our ingredients so we need to combine
flour baking powder salt and we need to
set it aside for later here oh crap that
was the oven two and a half cups of
oh good another perfect thank God could
do that for one teaspoon of baking
powder that’s not a freaking teaspoon
you’re welcome guys this is insane
there’s a spoon on the back of the spoon
one teaspoon of salt
so as you can see guys you must
and then we’re gonna beat in the eggs
and vanilla all right so one cup packed
brown sugar and for the granulated sugar
we are going to be perfect
1/2 cup and then we need 2 eggs and 2
teaspoons that’s good enough
all right guys always remember some
know what turn it off
it’s time to add our chocolate chips
okay now it’s trying to look good fire
that when you just think wait do you
have a cookie scooper
Timon go in guy remember there’s always
up front in a cleanup we must always
remember that and that’s why we’re here
to teach you Dave
let’s get to it let’s get right into the
movie guys leave a like for Christmas
Day what well we then throw it into the
fridge there’s urban the fridge we have
an unfortunate situation I’m our paper
started burning on fire
because I think we may have used the
wrong paper so here’s the final product
I think these are my nerd know these are
definitely why though they’re Trista’s
should we still triumph
but these are definitely not done guys
it stuck to the paper anyway you
should’ve just use cooking oil you’re
eating it was app it’s good okay so we
finally have the final product here I’m
pretty sure these are not cooked all the
way but I took one match off the tip
we’re gonna see how these cake guys and
three to one I’m bad fired they thought
that the middle is still a little soft
don’t ever use nonstick spray

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