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VLOGMAS DAY 21: making cookies with erin & her fam, charcuterie, GRWM!!

Happy vlogmas day 21! I can’t believe we are nearing the end of vlogmas, I will actually miss posting (almost) every day. Today I slept in (even though I was gonna go to spin) and got ready, then headed over to Erin’s hometown and made cookies with her and her fam 🙂

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my channel asyou can tell I’m so stuffed up right nowbut I’m gonna get ready for my day I’mso excited I’m going to Aaron’s likehouse house to make cookies and then I’mgoing to a Christmas party tonight sostay tuned I’m not going to get crazy atthe Christmas party I’m just drinking abig glass of water and I’m about to takemy probiotic – but I thought you couldget ready with me and I think I want toget a shake this morning if I go in timewhat time is it time for did you amp andI just been doing some around theapartment this morning so stay posted[Music][Music]okay I just got done with my makeup I’mgonna put some lotion on put my outfiton for the day and then I’m gonna do myhair okay this is my outfitit is my carbon 38 leggings that I’mobsessed with this a low crop and thenI’m gonna throw my new aloe Sherpa overtop of it hair and makeup are done Ithink today I’m gonna go for maybe myeasiest today just because I’m gonnatake a cute picture in my carI didn’t want my used to be in it it’sthe truthall right got my shirt on okay thislighting nobody got my Sherpa on I justput my cup in my purse and I’m gonna gograb a protein shake and one for heaventoo and then I think I might bring mylove with me when I go to Erin so I’mgonna come back and get her and then goto Erin’s and just getting to the shakeplace holy moly it’s bright up and Ihope that they have this G that he saidwas his favorite holiday teathey were out of it last time sohopefully they have it this timeI completely forgot[Music][Music]thank you hello my hairs in my face umokay I got four things so they had togive me a drink carrier but I got my teaactually I got two teas to shake forheaven and a shake for me so waiting forEvan to come down and get his shake fromme and pick up or he’s bringing me mylike phone charger a couple other thingsthat I need and then I’m gonna head offto errands I’m now in route to errandsand having took my photo and he was nothappy about itof course andyeah hopefully I will start not being sostuffed up I just took some like kind ofan equal thing but like from Whole Foodsso hopefully it’s good I don’t knowso I’ve been sneezing a lot to you and Idon’t know if like do I have allergiesI’ve literally never had allergiesbefore in my lifepopguys I’m on the biggest taylor swift’skick right now I love singing some goodold t-swift in the car just arrived inBig Lake whoonow I gotta find Aaron’s house arrivedat Aaron’s and Aaron’s sister Morgan hasher dog here and he was very scared ofme when I came in hopefully he’s over itbut we think it was because my jacketlooks too much like him[Music]Morgan and I peeled Hershey’s Kisses andwe feel the exact right amount andthere’s like a ton of cookies supermagical so Christmas magic[Music]guys this entire thing it is a fat headof Kony did it wait did they they gaveup to all of them yeah after the bowlgameoh my god that’s so funny for like fourhours and then there was one and thenthe like part that was not done was sohard to me to spot anyone did you throwthe other one away or what we areworking on this puzzle we used to dopuzzles and we get them like my dadwould glue them together yeah that’swhat my mom[Music]that is not good lighting but I’mleaving errands right now it’s about7:00 p.m. and do I turn not yetI’m gonna go home have some dinner kindof like not me get ready but like justdo everything that needs to be done andthen I’m gonna go to a Christmas partyjust briefly becauseI have to teach in the front I actuallyhave a really long dayI teach in the morning I have teachertraining and then I teach in the eveningso I’ll go I’m literally going from 8:30a.m. to like 9:00 p.m. so you can’t eventell but the city is so prettyI love driving into Minneapolis becauseI don’t know the skyline is alwaysso going home to eat and then puttingmyself together to go outlike I do want to but I don’t want toyou know okay I am home oh shootI left the boots that I think I want towear tonight in my car because Aaronwore them to the holiday party those arethe boots I want to wearI was going to show you my outfit thatend off this vlog but the boots kind ofmake the outfit I was just gonna wearlike a white sweater and jeans now I’mmaking dinnerI’m back with my book you gonna be or doyou so I bet you smell sainty on thatbag huh hey good night vloggood night happy Saturday

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