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How To Make Kraft Peanut Butter Cookies

Kraft Peanut Butter Cookies

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Video Transcription

hey guys say we’re going to be makingsuper easy craft peanut butter cookiesas you guys could see they’re super easyto make only three ingredientsso I got my mixing bowl in my measuringcups up this recipe super easy all youneed is one cup of peanut butter andhalf a cup of sugar and you mix them alltogether I actually make the best peanutbutter cookies if you guys want to knowwhy my peanut butter cookies are so goodit’s because I use the happiestingredients I could find like look atthe peanut butter the Bears are happythe egg it’s happy and the sugar it’salso happy okay so I put all theingredients in my mixing bowl and as youguys could see that egg is still happyeven after being cracked in half thesecookies are gonna be good I could tellyou guys that they also make amazingshortbread cookies but we’ll get to thatvideo eventuallyas you guys could see I rolled thecookies into 15 nice even balls I don’tknow what just happened there go youjust frame the cookies what are youdoing all guys I forgot everybody likesmy cookies even my cat oh now you’regonna want to take a fork and push downall the cookies at an angle no use yourfork and push down to the other angleand look how beautiful they look now wejust gotta cook them for 20 minutes andthey’ll be the best peanut buttercookies you guys ever tried my brotherjust came and brought me these he saidwe should have added them to the peanutbutter cookies it would have made thembetter but if we add these to the peanutbutter cookies they become chocolatechip cookies just like if you melt iceit becomes water you know if you paintblack stripes on a white horse becomes azebra and I’m here to show you guys howto make the best peanut butter cookiesnot how to make chocolate chip cookieshere’s the finished product they kind oflook like I bought them from a store butI made them if you look at this one youguys could see it’s cooked to perfectiongolden brown underneath it like itshould be that was just time to try themso I took one bite and I have to saythese are perfect definitely a 10 out of10

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