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q&a while I bake cookies

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome to or welcome back to myyoutube channel today we were doing aninteresting video I’m gonna be cookingand I’m gonna be answering yourquestions let’s get right into there I’mgonna making peanut butter cookiesbecause I really can’t make our firststop was to preheat the oven which Ialready didfirst number one you do band right yes Iplayed a clarinetalright I need two tablespoons ofvegetable right question to generatecolor my favorite color I also gotmentioned this fat I’m actually so badat being like I’m actually terrible Itried to make a cake for my parentsanniversary it was like a month late andthey had like butter wrappers inside thecake so hey I need to add threetablespoons of water this is how it’slooking looks my question Ohdo you watch Spongebob yes I’m having myidentity process just kiddingactually it tastes so good now I’m gonnalike pure Barb and does how manyexcellent I’m not from good cancer notkids are salmonella but I have to laydown some parchment paperisn’t that just music commuters I don’thave to make little balls okay it shouldbe like alright wait one packages twelveballs how it should be just we’ll justimprovise question what’s your biggestpet peeve um probably people I Iactually know when people I think it’slike you have to eat to a differentcontinent where would you be goodquestion Europe what’s your YouTubechannelwell you’re watching right now so youprobably found it but it’s course youknow what do you have to talk yes howlong to take that of your videos waitKing also give me a shout out it takesme like an hour to that in my videos I’myes I’m gonna be a shout out go followDiana or her um have you ever been areally awkward situation and if PS whathappened I have definitely been in areally awkward situation just likehaving trouble thinking I’m one yourfavorite TV show stranger things so goodput your crush oh that’s a good questionwhat’s your favorite movie I don’t knowI think all out clueless who see for thefuture via YouTube channel that’s a goodquestion I’ve seen myself hitting 30followers Gascon it but her video gameI actually video games are so annoying Ican’t play but that’s what she said Iknow who you are that’s not what shesaid alright I just finished making thelittle balls and they actually likelittle balls with poop but you know atthe time fineI jumped at the Madaba nowall right they have to be cooking inthere for 810 minutes whatever nineminutes because that’s in between[Music]the[Music]um they’re not ready all right these arehow the cookies turn out I have to bakethem for like an extra 5 minutesding guys so much for watching I hopeyou enjoyed the video they make more Q&Avideos or more baking videos in thefuture give this a like and subscribe tomy channel

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