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How To Make Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookies With Tara | Bake In

We’re back with another episode of Bake In, and this week Tara is showing you how to make a family favourite! We’ve all had them, but how do you make them? Well today is the day you find out, as Tara walks you through how to make the perfect batch of deliciously gooey oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies!

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Video Transcription

hey guys it’s Chara welcome back toanother episode of bake in today we’regoing to be making one of my favoritechildhood cookies and oatmeal ChocolateChunk cookie no raisins here no tricksjust the ultimate delicious who we wroteme a chocolate chip let’s get startedalright so first up we’re gonna mix thedry ingredients together which are quitesimple just a simple mixture of plainall purpose flour some oats but we’reusing the large flake oh it’s like theold-fashioned oats you don’t want to usethose quick cook oats on a nice to ofoatmeal in my cookies and that’s why Ilike to use these ones but not my cookieafter all you need the real oats andthen we’ve got baking powder baking sodaa little bit of salt some cinnamon Ilike a little bit of cinnamon and spicein my oatmeal cookie if you don’t youcan completely admit it admit omit it ifyou want any other spices feel free toadd them some allspice nutmeg cinnamonit’s all good in it and a secretingredient is corn starch so whatcornstarch does in cookies is mix them alittle bit chewier than they already arewhich is great and then we’re just gonnagive this a nice little it’s perfect andthen you just set this aside alright sonow that the dry ingredients arecompletely mixed let’s move on to themedia so for that a good cookie alwaysneeds butter lots of delicious butter soI got some softened butter here which isat room temperature brown sugar whichwill give it that ultimate tuna and somewhite sugar I’m just using a woodenspoon just I want to incorporate so muchair into it you want it to be creamy butnot fluffy so I just go it now so I’mjust first incorporating and I’m mushingthe butter into that I feel guys changeone I’m actually going to use a handmixer be right sorry about that didn’trealize[Music]all the grease in go for it I thinkmaybe I’m just being a bit lazy hey I’mgonna scrape the bowl make sure it’s allmixed in looks lovely so you’ll see Ididn’t mix it too much but they don’twant to aerate it just to combine it soit’s a bit lighter in color that’s aboutitalright now so to this we’re going toadd thanks so one egg one whole eggright in and also one egg yolk so whategg yolk is just a little bit of extrafat in the cooking botton flavor anddelicious and we don’t even have toomuch of gluten development we just wantmore fat in a cookie cool that’scombined and then some vanilla essenceI always forget which way to turn it toturn it off so now that the wetingredients are done the dry ingredientsall done we are going to combine the twoso I’m gonna use a spatula to combinethem because I don’t want to overworkthe cookie dough but first I’m gonnascrape the wood you want to use a nicebig bowl for this you have space to movearound and not worried about anything itgoes flour make sure mommy see I’m gonnamake a mess spill flour out therebecause it’s Who I am apparently so youcould use a mixer again for this a standmixer works great with a paddleattachment I just know that as soon as Iput the whisk attachment in I’m gonnaflour everywhere and to be honest wayback when when all their grandparentsand things were making cookies andbiscuits and whatnot didn’t have allthese cool gadgets that we have and theyuse elbow grease they basically are thepioneers of all these really deliciousbaked goods that we all love so that’sthat cool so nowthe best part for the cookies chop up abar of chocolate so we get nice pools ofchocolate and you can see I’ve even gotlike the shavings of the chocolate fromthe board when I was cutting it andthat’s just gonna scatter throughout thecookie as wellto give you some more little bits ofchocolate as a kid I never used to eatchocolate chip cookies my sister used tomake them for me a lot I always used torequest a cookie without like maybe likeone or two chocolate chips in it becauseI just did not like chocolate as a kid Idon’t know why I mean I still do likeclean old chocolate chip cookies butthis is not mere Chocolate Chunk cookieit’s different you can add as muchchocolate as you want up to about 500grams for this recipe you’re called yoursweet tooth oh because I’m so short youknow obviously after you paste yourcookie dough I always feel that you cantell something is going to taste goodwhen it bakes when the raw dough tastesgood like a cake butter tastes deliciouscake these delicious cookie dough to asolution okay so know it is but trueokay so what we’re gonna do is now makethese into balls so I actually broke mycookie scoop annoyingly but I’m gonnamake these into about 60 gram balls Ijust wanted a bit of a bigger cookie soI got 20 cookies out of this batch butif you want smaller cookies you can do40 grams or 30 grams your call you caneven do little minis to have on Sundaysand stuff but this is a really nice sizebecause you can use advice fromsandwiches too or just a really bigawesome so now the other year we want tochill them for about 30 minutes whatthat will do is it will hydrate theflour a little bit it will help themrise a bit more so they’re not so flatand it’ll cool that butter down again soeverything’s at the same temperaturewhen they bake that’s a little off itsmells so good in here already and thenalright guys so the cookies are out ofthe oven of then what we’re going to donow is get them on another tray to putin the oven and the reason is becauseI’m not gonna bake all these cookies offat once I’m only going to do six at atime so that they have room to spreadout in the oven and the tray itself iscool and I don’t want to put a cooltraining oven so so I’m using a new trayand the best part about making cookiesis that these balls know you can justpop them into a like a ziplock bag orsomething and place them in the freezerand that way you can bake 150 at a timetwo cookies a time whenever you just getthat craving for a cookie which is whatI’m probably gonna do because when thatcookie craving hits nice to have it onhand so ovens preheated to 160 degreesand we’re gonna bake them for about 12to 16 minutes until the edges are niceand golden brown and the center is justcaramelized and delicious all right thecookies are done and looking oh wowthey look amazing oh I’m so happy withthese figures all these first onealright so the edges are still reallynice and golden the center’s are just alittle bit gooey they’re gonna continueto cook on the trick so I’m going to letthem sit for a few minutes but whilethey’re warm I like to sprinkle someMaldon salt on themI like that sweet and salty balance withcookies you don’t like it don’t worryabout it not a must-do it’s just apersonal preference for me it just kindof brings up the sweetness of it and itjust adds a contrast or just so good I’mso excited I don’t know if you want towait for these to cool down but you haveto you see how big they arethey’re so big I can’t wait all right sothe cookies have been sitting on thetray for about five minutes to crawldown so they are ready to transfer ontoa cooling rackI’m so excited with you I cannotthis would be even delicious if you wantto do like an oatmeal cream pie cookiewhere you put like some icy in themiddle but for me just a cookie theperfect Wow yummy it smells deliciousall right so let these cool and thenwe’re going to each present to you mystack of beautiful oatmeal ChocolateChunk cookies you’re still a bit warmfrom the oven and they’re almost this isstill warm so if I break this open youguys would see it just because I’m solucky that I get first dibs on these[Music]one cookie from the oven is the besttreat so I got a piece of the cornerwhich was really really crunchy and niceI want to get a piece of the centerwhich is really nice and chewy so muchtalked earlier this month take mmmdelicious chewy a better song chocolateyreally nice chocolate at that because Ipicked the chocolate I wanted to use butchopping it up and get chocolate chunksand ice pools of chocolate that it’slike melty deliciousness crispy aroundthe edges chewy in the center these area winner thanks for checking out anotherepisode of baked in stay tuned to nextweek’s episode and we’ll make somethingdelicious again till then I’ll be eatingmy weight and oatmeal talk to[Music]

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