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Kiara explores baking Valentines Day cookies

kiara enjoys helping bake cookies for daddy

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Video Transcription

I want to be making today I can see youhave a heart on your heart does thatmean we’re doing something forValentine’s Dayyeah 14th of February is Valentine’s Dayso today we decided that we’re gonnamake some cookies but daddy yeah are wegonna make some heart-shaped cookiesyeah yeah we’re gonna make someheart-shaped cookies so we can see hereare the hardener and you have aheart-shaped so we’re gonna use that forcutting the cookies a bit lateryeah first we have to mix all theingredients yeah so what are we gonna dofirst so first we’re gonna be puttingsome butter into a bowl which Kiera isdoing right nowshe’s putting all the butter in goodgirl Kiera good girl very good nextChiara is putting some sugar into thesieve and we’re just gonna sift thatthrough we’re gonna fit that throughvery good here very good nice Kiera isgonna be mixing the sugar and the buttertogethercan we mix all the two ingredientstogether whisking whisking wixi yeahwe’re doing whispering right now Carahave the whisk in hand very good hereokay so now that that’s all mixed upwe’re gonna put half a teaspoon ofvanilla extractthat’s gonna go back herewhat we gonna do next we’re gonna putthe flour in so we’ve got 1 cup of flourwe’re just gonna put it here and we’regonna whisk that through okay yeahyou’re gonna whisk it throughokay so next we’ve got the flour inthere so we’re gonna mix everythingtogether we’re gonna put a little bit ofsalt as well yeah yeah and can you mixit with the spoon now Karayeah mixing mixing mixing mixing heyyeah he’s my daddy yeah yeah he’s mydaddy for Valentine’s Day yeah okay sowhat have we done today now we’ve justflattened up the dough like this andwe’re gonna keep it in the fridge forabout 45 minutes just so it harden so wecan roll it and then make heart-shapedyeah yeah

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