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How to cook HOT Cocoa POPS & BANANA COOKIES – We had a SNOWDAY on the farm. Step by Step process!!!!

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Check out a few things that we did on the farm on this SNOW day! We make some awesome Hot Cocoa pops and a homemade batch of banana cookies!

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Video Transcription

[Music]welcome back frogs this is Candice andSophie and guess what we got today snowday so what do you do on a sony makepopsicles make chocolate popsicles andbanana cookies so we’re gonna make a fewthings on our extra day off that we’reso excited about and as you can see wehave snow day attire on always inpajamas for snow day that’s the way itgoes you know again close enough sweatpants on the teacher so we are going tomake some of Sophie’s favorite treatthat was super easy to makeshe likes hot coco pops so myself youtell us how you make them I mean[Music]straight out of her brain yeahtake it away Sophie cups like these arelike little cups um coffee but not hotchocolate we’re using chocolate notcoffee then you can get the hotchocolate ones but we don’t have thoseright now so we could use the packetsmet measuring cup not aRen’s I want to talk because we’re gonnatry pulling it into a regular cup it’severywhere everywhere when you tryplaying it and she’s a little she’s amessy shop so then you put it okay yourcoffee girl over here open it up makesure there’s not one of the coffee cupthings like my mother and your fatherwith to use propose it and then I woulddo a large sides so you just push yoursizecan’t wait until kids olderokay so we’re back okay[Music]just until you feel act upon all of yourstuff is mixed up it nothere’s mythese little containers with theselittle stick evils and then it goes intowhen you put that you put the stuff inhere whatever you like trusses oh I getto us this yeahso I just fill it up all the way up tothe top not all the way like that muchoh they can’t see um think about thatwatchabout that much not all the wayno that’s the one I’m holdingokay whole that was likeand now we set it down because mom’sfingers are burningand that’s okay if their mom oh all theway up to the topjust bail them about halfway up to thetopwe might not only one of the toppersmissing but you didn’t get all thetoppers we only got one leftthat’s okay you can make more then youjust put the tops on and then put it infor 300 like a little bit like maybefive hours like four it doesn’t takethem that no did you so let’s see weonly have one top or left we don’t haveany thing in it because we ran out thatis really hot so what are you doing withit now you put it in the freezerI think you better take your stool overthere firstabout five four hours but you can checkon it a couple of times and if they’renot done after a five or four hours thenlet it sit longer that’s our first stepof our snow day we’ll be back with moresnow day fun yeah I will come back tothe diner farms it’s Sophie thank you uson a Friday morning of our snow day backto our snow day fund and we are makingbanana cookies the first step that weneed to do for banana cookies is mashthe banana you have some overripebananas that we want to use so we’regonna mash the bananas we just got it acouple months ago and a food processorit’s a food processor but it can spinuntil it cuts up this stuff yep alrightso what do we put in our bowl over writethe name right so we can use that upbecause we don’t want to yeahwhere’s listono in the tacos combos ball yeah theguns arms[Music][Music]oh and next we need our measuring cupalways great over herewhat size is that 1 cup 1 cup 1 cup lidoff of the food processor and we need 4cups of all we had for bananas now wehave four cups of oats one is this rightyes pleaseyou are using 4 cups of oatsoh you can hear we preheated the oven to350 and the oven is ready[Music]the first part of the video I was verymessy right now okay then we stick it inthe food processor and we blend it untilit’s more like a flower so we’re all setto cross on I’m gonna take the blade ohyeah ah can you get your bowl no wrongway you’re gonna dump blood Oh Oh flourinto the bananasyes so they can see we may have hardtime getting it in there yeah okayyou’re the chef[Music]okay so we have our mix of bananas andOhoatmeal um now you can add just aboutanything you want you can add reasonsyou can add and kinda nuts you like youcan add peanut butter vanilla reallyanything in the way so we can screw ourBowl back see ya there we go um so thethings that sophie has chosen to add ourvanilla we’re gonna add a half ateaspoon of thatshe also wanted to add some cinnamonsugar and apparently wipe her hands onmy sweatshirt more appropriate place tolight your hands oh it doesn’t have athing well yeah well you never can havetoo much cinnamon sugar right and shewanted to add Nutellavery special so we’ve got some chocolatyflavor in there we’re gonna have somechocolate with our bananas right yeahisn’t what I’m being cookie without anykind of trouble right we don’t havechocolate chipstoldja we are messy Baker’s all rightyou think that’s not for you wantanother little scoop the last ingredientshe wanted to addit’s my dad at least a full tablespoonschool[Music]all right so we are I’m going to goahead mix up here we got our Nutella andour peanut butter and our vanilla andour oats and our bananas nicely cinnamonsugar we’re all good so the next step iswe need to just blob them on the pan isthat a technical baking time love themI’m not sure what the technical be allright so we’re going for about 12minuteshmm let’s see it’s at 350 degrees isthat hot[Music]there we go yay high-fivealright so we’re gonna cook them forabout 12 minutes so we will see you inabout 12 minutes so here we are we aregetting close to the 12-minute mark ohwe’re at the 12-minute mark however ifwe take a peek don’t think we’re quiteready yet I think we made some reallybig banana cookie it’s so they mighttake a little bit longer than what wethought so we’re gonna keep an eye onthem and we’ll let you know when they’redone yeahfirst let’s check out before you golet’s check out the zoo if they’realmost done my hot chocolate pops ooh[Music]they look slushy and stole them onyourself so let’s just wait till thecookies are done check them again ifthey’re not then we’ll recap let themwait a little longer then you can checkthem out after if they’re not goingafter the cookie I willcan boil[Music]as soon as they cool we won’t try themand let you know how they turned outpimp or back to taste-test and Charliealmost aced us at first so we’re gonnatry them see how they turned out youready girlsokay one two three banana breath mm-hmmimagine that you’re sleeping beyond thetwo ingredients we put it up yeah nottoo bad I think we could have added alittle bit more intolerant but a verygood snow day treat thanks for watchingif you make these let us know how theyturn out well I just know what goodthings you add to them and that’s allfrom ghana from snow day bye[Music]you[Music]

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