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I make cookies for my foods class homework

I put too much work so I hope I get an A

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Video Transcription

[Music]all right welcome to my kitchen todaywe’re gonna be making some simple butgreat sugar cookies from scratch nowit’s been a while before I myself hadmade some kind of baking dessert bymyself so I probably won’t be perfectbut it won’t affect the recipe but asthey all say we just got to send it youknow so before we get started I wouldjust show you all the ingredients I usewhich are very simple very easy to findat most grocery stores so I’ll show youthat right now so here are all sixingredients that you’ll need to makethese cookies and on how the recipe downsomewhere for later let’s get started soso what I’m gonna be doing first ismeasuring out 2 and 3/4 cups ofall-purpose flour and I’m dumping itinto a small oh there we go into a smallbowl followed by 1 teaspoon of bakingsoda and 1/2 teaspoon of baking powderand we’re gonna whisk that all togetheras a small boom like I said and letthose dry ingredients get to know eachother and put them off to the side allright and as you can see I could havemade a big mess everywhere so we’regonna clean up right now all right coolso overall not too difficult and we canmove on to the second step down so in alarge bowl we’re gonna cream togetherone cup of butter and it should besoftened but I was a little patient so Iput them in the microwave for a fewseconds that’s why I kind of turned alittle liquidy in a little bit but don’tbe like me and being patient so afterthis we’re going to pour 1 and 1/2 cupsof white sugar into a measuring cupbefore we pour it in and stir that intothe mixtureso right now what I’m trying to do isjust kind of cut the butter into smallermore manageable pieces to try to helpstir it better and it is difficult butit just takes time this is one of themost time-consuming parts of the mixingprocess for sure but it’s worth it soonce you’re done and once you’re readyyou can make your egg into it into themixture and then once after that you canadd your teeth with teaspoon of vanillaextract and then you can mix that intothe party and get those flavors get toknow each other better so after that youcan add your dry ingredients graduallyand then make sure you can stir it verywell before you start adding more andmore and eventually you’ll use all yourmixture left[Music]so it was at this point where I decidedto use my hands to mix it better and geta better consistency than when I hadbasically before and it did get betterand it got better – basically where Ihad the right consistency that I wantedand so you know I was done with that andnow I just got to get my baking sheetout like Wow okay so now you don’treally think greased it or anything youknow this cookie should come off easilywhen they’re done baking so right now Ijust start shaping the dough to evensize balls and I’m sure I made them alittle too big because at the end I justhad enough to make a smaller ball butit’s okay so I’m gonna be putting thesein my preheated oven at 375 degrees forabout 15 to 20 minutes because I madethem a little bit bigger portions and soit’s gonna be in there for a little bitmore than what the recipe calls forluckily they are done already so perfectnow all we have to do is just put onsome elements and just get them out ofthe oven and right away when I look atthem they look pretty good and they looka lot better and I thought they wouldcome out and I don’t think I had itreally any problems with them so I guessreally the next thing I got to do rightnow is just kind of poke them with atoothpick and just make sure you knowthey’re fully done all the way becausethey’re just they’re pretty thickcookies so you know I don’t want to makeany and then I don’t want them to beunderdone or anything like that so I’mjust gonna get an element and I’m gonnaget myself a cookieso just try it out a little bit so I’mgonna scoot this forward and I’m justgonna place that down so hopefully thiswill taste good overall obviously youcan have a cookie without milk so let’sjust see how this tasteswhich right away when I tasted it I wasa little nervous because I’ve never madecookies before but actually was actuallypretty good so I get that a thumbs upright away and I think I highlyrecommend you making these cookies andthere’s nothing wrong with these sothat’s thatyou[Music]you

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