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Behind the Scenes (How to make Chocolate Chip Cookies)

Calling all the good Cookie eaters of the world. Is there any thing better than to bake a fresh batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies from the comfort of your home?

Butter: 120g
White Sugar: 50g
Brown Sugar: 40g
Flour: 185g
Salt: 5g
Baking Soda: 3g
Eggs: 1
Vanilla: 3 g
Sour Creme: 60g
Chocolate Chips: 250g

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Video Transcription

[Music]thank you so much everyone for giving agreat response for the video which Iuploaded on YouTube few days ago I havebeen receiving hundreds of messages onFacebook of course on YouTube as well myinbox is full of messages and even somepeople have even messaged me – what’s upand thanking me for uploading therecipes and giving it back to thecommunity and all that so first of allthank you so much everyone for doingthat and appreciating it I’m going totell you one thing that why I am doingall this it’s not like about sharing therecipe because if I have to share arecipe I can just upload the recipe onmy Facebook page and then you guys canfollow it that’s about it but it’s notabout that I want to walk you throughthe whole baking process that how do youbake inwards because if you are addingingredients in the recipe so there is areason behind that that why we areadding this if you try to understand themain concept of a history behind that soit will be more fun for you guys as wellI can guarantee you everyone’s askingthe recipe for banana bread if yougoogle banana bread onif you observe banana bread on Googleyou’ll find that millions of recipesthere like I don’t have anythingspecific all right I’m not doinganything special it just like aprocedure what you have to follow I’mpretty sure that if I give you onerecipe and then three people follow thesame recipe I am pretty sure and I canguarantee you that each and everyproduct the final product will bedifferent from each other even thougheven though they have followed the samerecipeit’s the procedure it’s what you gothrough so my main mission is to walkyou through the whole thing time why arewe adding all these ingredients what’sgoing to happen like including themixing time what’s going to happen inthe oven time so that is the main reasonbehind this so I thought like we’llstart off with the basic recipe first ofall which each and every person willenjoy at home as wellwhich we are going to start at forchocolate chip cookies and I’m prettysure kids love those like it’s best tohave chocolate chip cookies stretched onthe oven I’m pretty sure you don’t haveto go to this to stores to buy thosestore-bought cookies which I’ve met somany preservatives in there and so muchstuff but why not have basic freshingredients and enjoy fresh cookiesright from the oven at home so that’swhat we’re gonna do today we are goingto make chocolate chip cookies and thenext move the next video which I amgoing to upload later on after few daysI’m gonna tell you everything why weadded all these ingredients so today Iwill try to keep the past basic aspossible so what I have already where’dof the ingredients I’m gonna tell youone thing most people prefer doing it ingrams some people prefer tocups using cups or the measuring spoonsI prefer measuring my ingredients youwill in the gravich it gives you exactname weighted of the ingredients everytime you’re doing it so I prefer doingit that way so it is all up to you theway you want to do itI have hired my ingredients using theRomans so I have the white sugar whichyou wipe translated sugar which is 30grams I have brown sugar which is 40gramsI have buttered make sure it’s a roomtemperature it is 120 grams and then Ihave flour which is 185 grams and thefreedom of baking soda is already mixedin thereI have salt which is 5 grams I havevanilla crescents I am one egg whenyellow SS is like you need like three tofive gram that’s about it I have sourcream which is 60 grams and I havechocolate chips which we’re gonna add itin the end which is 250 grams there is aprocedure of mixing all theseingredients first you take fat which isall butter and then you cream it withevery with the sugar which is called ourcreaming method what we do is like wecream that fat and sugar and later on weadd our egg and then we have fired ourdry ingredients which I have alreadyadded here so we’re gonna start I’mgonna start mixing them I’m sorry Imight not be able to show you inside butI will do it like well as we go throughI will try to show you the bowl righthere so I’m going to add my white sugarin here now I have my brown sugar now Ihave this butter which I’m going to addit in there there are three attachmentsfor this mixer we’re going to use thispaddle attachment this is used to makelike to print all the products as wellwhich can be used in cookies as well Iuse this one for banana bread which willwill will do it later than one wants aTonkaso we’re gonna start doing that so whilethis is mixing I’m gonna crack my eggwhich is right here what you have to dois let you most of the time when youcream in the products the butter and thesugar it’s always sticking on the sidesso what you have to do which you have tokeep scraping the bowl from beside fromthe bottom so it’s from fatigue fieldand it’s like a fluffy fluffy textureyou always started with a slow speed andthat we go further like increasing thespeed later on in the meantime when I’mgoing to add my salt in my flour mixtureas well may I have flour andand I’m gonna mix it through okay I’mgonna show you right here so this is theway it looks and it’s gonna get evenmore fluffy so I’m going to spray thesides and it looks like this if you haveany questions or anything like thatso why we are going there so if youdon’t understand any anything what we’remixing feel free to write in commentsand in the next week he will try toanswer as many questions as possible andmostso we are good to add our nextingredient which is vanilla essence andso always try to keep it at the lowspeed once you have that and I just haveone egg right now if you have more eggsyou always have to add one egg at a timedon’t always throw all your eggs inthere always try to add one egg at atime[Music]so now is the time to scrape the sidesbecause it’s all sticking on the sidesso I’m gonna turn this off and we’regonna start one more time make sure thategg is properly mixed in that ingredientso at this stage our mix it lookssomething like this so at this time weare going to add our flour mixtureI had salt flour and baking soda inthere whenever you add any dryingredient in this make sure do not overmix it so all you have to just mix itthat as part that the whole thing iscombined together and that’s about itand you just stop right theresee it’s all sitting right here so youcan just take everything off from hereand then you can clean the sides and mixit with your spatula at this time we’regoing to add our sour creamand we’re gonna mix on a slow-speed andthat’s about it same thing our mainthing is that we’re not gonna old mix itso as party both ingredients arecombined together and that’s about it soyou don’t have to over mix it so even ifthe little bit is left over so you canjust always mix it with your spatula soat this time if you’re not ever makes itlook something like this so at this timewe are going to add our chocolate chipsand same thing that your batter isalready mixed all you have to do is justcombine these together and that’s aboutit we don’t have to over mix it go yepthat’s about it so it’s taking there sotake everything out so that’s ourchocolate you talk so what we gonna dois we’re gonna put this in a fridgewhich is the best thing to do instead ofsmoking it on a tray right away so youalways put it in the fridge or even afreezer for the 10 minutes that’s prettygood so after it’s in the fridge thenwe’re gonna take it out again and nowwe’re gonna start scoping it I just tookout my chocolate chip cookie dough whichlooks something like this so we alreadyjust proof it on the tray here I have soI have a small trace smaller and so Imight be able to smooth the maximum ofsix cookies on the tray so I have alarge ice cream scoop you can always usea small but if you want it’s yourpersonal choice and I have water righthere’s which I’m gonna do get my icecream scoop in here so if my batterdoesn’t stick there so I’m gonna takesome right here and scoop it right on atray so I have one a six cookie straightup here just like this I have a fourcameras book same thing it’s yourpersonal choice I like doingif you want to leave it just like as itis that’s perfectly fine as well but Ialways prefer dipping my spoon in wateris a fork in water and just press themgently right on top so this lookssomething like thisso which are ready to go in the oven nowI have already preheated my oven for 350degrees so I’m going to place them in sodepending on your oven it might takeanywhere from 12 to 15 minutes in theoven I guess so let’s take it from thereokay so this is the best time of thebaking which I love the most especiallywhen something comes out fresh from theoven that a row might is just let out ofthe world so our chocolate cook cookiesare ready so they look something likethis but this time I’m going to tell youone more time one speaking of thiscookies or any other cookies as well andwhen you press them from top they arestill soft so most of us think that theyare still underway so we put them backin the oven so no that’s not the case wedon’t have to do that because if you seewe already have the wrong color on thesides but once you press them they aresoft so don’t get confused you don’thave to put them back in the oven theyalready the tray is still hot so what’sgoing to happen into toss up the hottraythe cookies are still making cookingfrom the bottom so let them settle downafter like few minutes maximum thattakes four minutes they should be okaythey’re gonna be good to go so thesewere chocolate chip cookies that was ourfirst tutorial I hope you like that onedo try this recipe at home and do giveme your feedback whether tell us aboutthese ingredients the way it works westarted baking sodaflower what exactly those ingredientswere doing during our mixing processin our baking process so what is themain concept behind that if you want toit takes something out what’s asubstitute and you can go for or if youhave any questions feel free to write incomments and I will try to answer all ofthem in my video and after that we’ll becoming up with a new product new recipetutorial and until then stay healthystay safe and stay home[Music]

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