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Vegan Almond and Chocolate Chip Cookies

– 2 cups whole almond.
– ½ coconut sugar
– 5 tablespoons coconut milk
– 1 teaspoon baking soda
– Pinch of salt
– ¾ cup of chocolate chips
– 2 teaspoon cider apple vinegar

1. Preheat oven at 365 degrees F.

2. Add the almonds to the food processor using the S blade until their all chopped.

3. Next add the coconut sugar, baking soda, and apple cider vinegar.

Make sure that everything is mixed well.

4. Then add the coconut milk and continue to mix.

5. Finally, put the chocolate chips in there.

On a tray lined with wax paper, roll the dough into balls and place them evenly spaced.

6. Bake for 12 minutes.

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Video Transcription

how are you welcome to the retreat CostaRicaI’m Diana Stobo founder creator chef andthis is my fabulous sergio lopez myprotege and amazing chef at the retreattoday we’re going to do a little pillowtop well not reallyI called pillow top because these areturndown service cookies so every nightat the retreat we put a cookie on yourbed and their home bakes every day bythe chefs and one of the favorites forthe classes everybody wants to know howto make what’s in them oh my god theseare so decadent don’t you go come onwhen you make these so we’re just doinga full blanket everybody knows now howto make them pay attention get a penciland a paper so I’m gonna read you therecipe as we go along it’s very verysimple simple is key tovery simple parrot down these are notmade with brains so they’re gluten-freewe don’t use any processed sugars we usecoconut sugar and the only knotty thinghere is our chocolate chips but you cando organic chocolate chips you can dosugar-free chocolate chips you can findyour own this is particularly what wehave right now for this anyway everybodyagain[Music]not necessarily something you can findin any place in any supermarketthis is Jericho lovers we are not sowe wanted people continuity there thenwe have a some coconut sugar this one isnot excessive this is pretty much wrongthere we have some coconut milk thecoconut milk will give us like a nicepart just to keep like a nice texturefor our cookies we have a little bit ofsalt it’s only necessary all the time heHimalayan sea salt 70-48 for traceminerals to their forties this one thisis from raw organic apple cider vinegarand then okay so the reason that thesetwo are important is because they worktogether chemically to create theleavening usually we use baking soda oryou put an egg in or you would use flourso with all these ingredients can wecreate a nice fluffy cookie which iswhat you’ve already seen here so whenyou bite into these these are not densethey’re actually very light and she readperfectly that kind of perfect texturethat you want for a home baked chocolatechip cookiesugar We’re just anythingthey obviously so far maybe we willdistract us with this and then we willrespect this all their ingredients notfor the beginning because we want tocombine so we’re gonna break down we’remaking our own almond butter basicallywith sugar sweet and almond butter ifyou use a blender it’s gonna become tooliquid and the cookies will formproperly when you put them onto the panso if you don’t have I think everybodynow has food processor they musthopefully if not ordered on Amazonbecause you wanna you definitely want tobreak it down in a more systematic waynot purified liquefiedso it happens when you break these downbecause all the fats start to getremoved out of the oven at first itturns to a desk and as the fats start toprocess they start to break down to abutter he said just to show you a littleworkin but we can like cut it in Italyif you wanted to spend the society to doit on the side just to show you what istheir process it’s basically everythingwith the cookies so that they’re not toodense[Music]I have this little dance like to do witha great partnership you see much justkeeps processing the same things ifyou’ve got a light one this is kind ofheavy just move it aroundso you don’t have to stop at every fewminutes in therechosen when the oils come in so if wecontinued the processing this it wouldget really oily and start to sticktogether so it’s still in that phase ofcrumbly but not quite likelyand againthis is one batch right so this batchmakes this amount of investment so abouta dozen these are kind of large sothere’s like ten all right so we got twocups of pool almonds you don’t have tosoak them we got got a half a cup ofcoconut palm sugar we’ve got fivetablespoons of coconut milk fivetablespoons is important about plus twotablespoons we have one teaspoon ofbaking soda a pinch of salt I kind oflike a little more salt so I would dotwo pinches but that’s my personalpreference I like to balance this sweetwith the salt we have 3/4 of a cup ofchocolate chips if you like fourchocolate chips feel free to put more inand then we’ve got the two teaspoons ofapple cider vinegar they can show twoepisodes it’s one to two mixture look atthe doughso the coconut milks in there coconutmilk is in there sugar almonds andbaking soda salt everything’s in therebut the chocolate chipshere you have your batter and it reallyit really looks like a nut butter it’s anut butter back it’s a it’s a yeahtherefore this something that we’relearning how to learn here is public areally nice quality you don’t want tocompress all the air that you just putinto it with the apple cider bacon sookay berries in there you can use thebest way it’s you can put raisins in youcan put cranberries in you can put extranuts if you just want like a a nutbutter nut cookie you some clip pressureoil you can put any kind of inthere you can make you like a trail mixcookie I mean this is an amazing proteinbomb said if you took on a run with youor you went hiking and you had this madealong with adding extra nuts and seedsand like pumpkin seedsall that suck you have something amazingkeep you full you keep getting soaked inand give you lots of energy but we kindof like chocolate chips got you’ve gonehere at guys just to have this cookieplease I don’t think I want to talk tochicksoh he says no Diana you drink free juicethat’s what you getI get cook you to get free juice okaythis part for me some little babies workthem pcs we have just hot water thereason for the hot waters is help us tomake it like you can use any sizescooper you want we make the cookies inmy opinion lusciously large for yourpillow top because when you get homeafter a big day at the retreat up heremassage treatment your hike your twohours of yoga you’re like you know whatI kind of want a cookie and when youcome back and you get a cookie this sizeit’s it’s delightfulyou really don’t have like some escapedmemoriesthen you just make balls to adjustremember to use some welcome thereremember guess without like at Samusphases okay but do they really theydon’t expand too much no okay so if youwanted to put 15 in there you probablycould yep you know how sometimes you putcookies you put 12 on a tray and a nailsblend into each other it’s usuallybecause we didn’t do the chemistry rightbut in this case you can actually add 50and they’re not going to blend into eachother so I have you preheated the ovenyeah do it one will sell 200 baby so soI’m going to say this again in case youhaven’t written it down two cups of fullalmonds not soaked 1/2 a cup of coconutsugar you’re gonna put that in your foodprocessor and you’re gonna process untila little crumbly then you’re gonna addfive tablespoons of coconut milk fattycoconut milk the good pure pressed or ifyou want to use a can that’s fine welike to do everything fresh here pinchof sea salt and then the combination ofyour baking soda and apple cider vinegaris one teaspoon of baking soda – 2teaspoons of apple cider vinegar andyou’re gonna put that into yourprocessor until you get this mixturethen remove it put it into a bowl andhamster in either your chocolate chipsor your raisins or your cranberries ornuts and seeds whatever excites you okaythis is kind of what is that my cookiethis is your tomatoor your okay so then you’re gonna putthat in to your preheated oven at 350and you’re going to cook it for 12minutes 12 minutes you can always checkit at 10 minutes some people like themremember there’s nothing in the noteeggs in here there’s nothing that youhave to worry about it’s really aboutlooking at how crispy you want them[Music][Music]everybody walks through the kit theymake them every night fresh and all theguests we have an open kitchen policyhere this is actually the gratitude cafejust so you know that’s where you areyou’re in a spa the BND a spa gratitudecafe which we’re filming right herebecause it’s just so pretty and lightand there’s fresh everything you hearthe sounds of the waterfall but in thekitchen it’s an open kitchen so all theguests can walk in at any time and whenthey smell the cookies coming out of theoveneverybody’s like back off the cookiesbecause the cookies are the best so comein with me and look at look at how softand dreamy they are right I’m gonna haveto take a bite of this would you likesomething if you liked this video I knowI’m not supposed to chew in my mouth ifyou liked this video give us a thumbs upright any questions if you didn’tunderstand the recipe just go through itagain we’re gonna be doing thisWednesday next Wednesday at 4:30 justkeep on our Facebook and our Instagramto make sure you see what’s coming upnextThank You ru thank y’all ready for thetide[Music]

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