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S’mores Cookies! – Cook With Me!

Today’s Cook With Me! video is one of our favorites, S’mores Cookies!

As usual, super simple, super unhealthy but super delicious! Lmao

-Chocolate Chip Cookies (We use pre-made dough, homemade is always better)
-BIG marshmallows
-Chocolate Bar(s)

Hope you guys enjoy! Let me know in the comments below what you think! Don’t forget to leave a thumbs up!!

PS. Im slowing down a bit from the daily uploads guys, it was getting to be quantity over quality, i’d rather upload a little less often and give you guys better content.



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Video Transcription

alright guys what’s up we’re gonna doanother cook with me video today and I’mgonna do another snack or kind of like abaked good I guessI saw something similar to this onlinewhere they were using like chocolatechip cookies and like marshmallow I’mkind of doing like a s’mores deal but Iput my own little twist on it it’s eveneasier and they are delicious as I saywith everything that’s one of ourfavorites but definitely is so threeingredients chocolate chip cookieschocolate bars of course Hershey’s camealong with it and a big leg the biggermarshmallow is not the mini ones but thebig ones so what we are essentially gonormally we make it with just one packand then you get 12 of them so that’sprobably what I’m gonna do today we’reessentially making just a s’mores likethis but instead of the graham crackerwe are replacing the graham cracker witha chocolate chip cookie super fatteningsuper unhealthy I know if you’re herefor healthy stuff you’re at the wrongchannel so essentially I bought 2 packsof cookies because they were on sale butso obviously you use 2 cookies per oncemore so if you get a pack that makes 24you’re gonna have 12 you know if you geta pack that’s got 40 you’re gonna have20 you know if you get a pack that’s got10 you’re gonna have five so you know goby its size think about that when you’remaking them of course when you’re eatingtwo of these with a marshmallow andchocolate you’re not gonna want as manyyou know normally me and her might eatyou know I don’t know I ate a lot morebut normally I maybe like four or fiveof these cookies but you know with thisbeing this only like one or two becauseit’s a lot of stuff so what you’re gonnado you’re gonna make a cookies that’sthat simple so I’m gonna put one ofthese away I’m just gonna make oneget your cookie sheet put your cookieson pretty simple rightso with these ones of course follow yournormal directions these ones preheatoven to 350 it’s already donenow of course you can get much bettercookie dough this is just the we’reballin on a budget here this is just thegeneric Krueger stuff but these arereally good though when they’re doneright so I actually found out it’seasier to cut them like this than to tryto break them apart cuz they never breakapart the way they’re supposed to cut mybed and you’re basically just followingthe lines I mean that’s all try to getthem like all as close to the same sizeas possible and then you’re just gonnaput them on your cookie sheet so howeverthey fitprobably have to do four in a row andthese are small cookies so don’t worryabout you know leaving a ton of space inbetween that should be good but that’snice so let’s step one probably the mosttedious step in my opinion so with theseone with these Kroger brain that saysplace proportion though about two inchesapart on on greased cookie sheet if youhave these out for all that’s anotherthing the snow was supposed to berefrigerated until you’re literallyputting it in oven so like if you’re ifyou set this on the counter for 20minutes throw it back in the fridge coolit back down bake cookies 11 to 12minutes or until edges are golden browncool slightly about two minutes andloosen with spatula so as usual our ovencooks a little bit quicker and no it’snot a convection oven I don’t know whycooks quicker but times anything we goby the normal time and always burn so 11to 12 minutes I am gonna go with nineminutes so I’ll see you guys in a minutealright guys so while your cookies arecooking we’re gonna go ahead and get allthis other stuff ready well I said allthis other stuff you know just get thenext step right here so you can use thesame cookie sheet I love using thesethings I just I love bacon in thesethings baking in these things sorry soyou can use your same cookie sheet ifyou want to I like these because it’sjust kind of easier to grab and supportand I just they’re dirt cheap and youcan toss them away in one out but firstmy apartments there but we’re gonna openup our Hershey bars otherwise if you dothis after the cookies are out they cooldown too quickand don’t really melt anything so wedefinitely don’t need these I do twosquares per cookie so I’ll show you goahead open it up so you see that youknow like four across three down I usetwo per cookie so there’s one cookie twocookies three cookiesfour cookiesfive six so each regular-sized Hersheybar will get you six cookies so if we’redoing 12 we just need two of themnow something I usually just go forwhatever’s on sale you know genericbrand they’re still good nine times outof ten we get the little fun sized onesbecause they’re always way cheaper noidea why maybe it’s a Kroger thing maybeit’s a Michigan thing but same thing itdoesn’t matter so there you go so withyour leftovers you got stuff for reals’mores if you want or another batchtotally up to youwe just built their fireplace outside sodefinitely gonna put some of these onthe on the fire pit so 24 cookiesI’ll make 12 some more so these 12marshmallows 4 5 6 7 8 only make sureyou try it so does everything we needright here for the next step good about5 more minutes left for the cookies andwe’ll be back alright so it’s been aboutnine minutes check them those aredefinitely not done yet still really uhgoofy I mean they’re almost done so I’dgive it another maybe a minute or soI’ll check them again and pull them outhere then we’ll get to work already sonow they got like a kind of golden browntexture to them I’m go ahead and pullthem out they’re golden brown color Imean I said texture you got to rememberto like you don’t want them too donebecause they’re still cooking right nowlike they’re out of the oven but theyare still definitely cooking though nothey’re out we’re gonna let them sit andcool for a minute burn the counteranything these actually might be alittle bit too don’t even see they’rekind of dark around some of these edgesbut still be delicious so I’m gonna letthem sit here for about two minutes kindof cool down they’ll definitely flattenup and then you’re gonna get a spatulatry to get the thinnest one possible todo the least damage and then oncethey’re cool we’ll be able to start themagic okay so I’m gonna make it a littlebit easier on myself and put them in thepan here and that’s only because thiscookie sheet is so hot still I don’twant it to like actually cook thecookies more so what you’re gonna doyou’re gonna take a layer take thecookies put the bottom side up becausethat’s gonna be you know like the bodyyour sandwich or s’more and you’re notgonna get them all in one now these arestill really hot try to take like theit’s almost kind of like a maze Igathered like a game of Tetris to takeones that fit to actually get night inthere actually we’re only gonna do eightthat way you’ll have a room to pull themout so now what you’re gonna do you’regonna take two pieces your chocolate youput them on each cookie so just likethat and you see why I do too if you’reusing bigger cookies by all means goahead and use three so now you got thaton there and I’m gonna take ourmarshmallow and this where it gets kindof tricky you kind of might have toswitch some of them around well you wantto be flat and your cookie your yourchocolates already gonna be starting tomelt that quick so I’ll put those onthere like that and then so you leave itlike this and now you’re gonna carefullyput it back in the oven that you justturned off so carefully take them inhere slide it in that step I just kindof go by my judgment usually three orfour minutes gets the marshmallowsreally nice and soft of course you candefinitely go longer so we got four moreso I’ll just go ahead and get theseready right herethis is why I helps I have everythingready on the plate you definitely don’thave to do that but you can definitelysee where it makes everything a littlebit quicker now all these cookies aregonna be your top half all the cookiesright here those would be your top halfwhen we get the other ones out I’m justgonna put these in that same tray I’lljust take the other one I’ll put them aplate here so what you’re looking for isthe marshmallows just kind of be goldenand soft that’s definitely not it if youwant you can turn your oven back on justkind of get some heat pump it in thereagain cuz now your chocolates reallymelting but you kind of want to speed upthe marshmallow so it’s been about 3 31/2 minutes now this should be goodMarsh balls are pretty pump you kind oflike lightly tap them you just wantthose marshmallows really to be just sowhat do you do now just take a cookieput it right on top and you’re gonnakind of squish it down you’re gonnasquish a lot of it out these are messythere’s no way around it some of themcome out you know perfectly squished andyou know don’t have anything droopingoff the side other ones they’re messythis is why I left one out that way yougot some some wiggle room in the traybut this out of everything I makesometimes she’ll bring like some ofthese to work you know a couple of herfriends or something so tell them aboutthem and they’re like ha gotta try themso when I make them I’ll make some extraand she’ll take them to work orsomething people love these like nobodyhas ever said like oh that’s too muchchocolate or you know that’s too muchgoing on or something like these are ahit everywhere and especially likethe chocolate and the marshmallow stayssoft like once they’ve melted now youmight think like you know s’mores arewarm you want to eat them when they’rewarm these you can you definitely canyou can see they’re nice and gooey andthey look deliciousI love these when they’re actually likecooled down to room temperature becausethe chocolate stiffens up just a littlebit it’s still soft but it’s way easierto eat if that makes sense you know it’sit’s not such a mess so that’s it rightthere that’s the that’s the whole doordeal there she is guys let me know inthe comments leave a thumbs up if youlike them let me know in the comments ifyou tried them and tell me what youthink see you guys later

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