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As we all have the time and energy to be baking more these days I am sharing this cookie recipe, which you can make in 3 variations.
– chocolate chip cookies
– with nutella
– with biscoff

225 gms softened unsalted butter
200 gms dark muscavado sugar
100 gms caster sugar
Nutella for filling
Biscoff for filling
1 egg
1 egg yolk
pinch of salt
1/2 tsp baking powder
110 gms bread flavour (strong white flour)
110 gms self raising flour
1 tsp vanilla extract
100 gms dark chocolate chips
100 gms dark chocolate chunks

Let me know which ones you would like to try most!

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Chetna Makan appeared on the Great British Bake Off in 2014 and won the ‘Christmas bake off 2016’.

Her first book ‘The Cardamom Trail’ came out in April 2016.
Her second book ‘Chai, Chaat & Chutney’ came out in July 2017.
Her third book ‘Chetna’s Healthy Indian’ came out in Jan 2019.

You can find the book in stores and online.This is an absolute treat of a meal, a dish made on special occasions, simple yet stunning!

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Video Transcription

it’s a beautiful morning a bit windy butit is stunning the sun shining and I’mout for a little walk before I head tothe kitchen and cook something deliciousfor all of these oh so lovely peacefulquiet[Music]right we are making chocolate chipcookies but not normal chocolate chipchocolate chip cookies but we can add alittle twist and make them even moredeliciousso right we’re gonna start with 2 to 5grams of softened butter I left it outlast nightand it’s really nice and soft now so 2to 5 grams of that and I’m adding twotypes of sugar so there it is a darkMuscovado sugar you can use any brownsugar nice brown sugar this is gonna addlovely lovely flavor to this so that’s200 gramsand also 100 grams of caster sugar now Ihaven’t got clean caster sugar at homeright now have used it all up so I’musing golden caster sugar and now see Iwill whisk this until creamy just takingone tablespoon of Nutella and justputting these blobs on a baking sheet[Music]and I’m gonna do the same with a littlebit of this cough spread[Music]now I’m going to freeze this for an hour[Music]one egg yolk and 1 Meg Turney mixtureand whisk it[Music][Music]and a nice pinch of salt 1/2 a teaspoonof baking powder we’re gonna do this byhand so that we don’t over mix it um ahundred grams of chocolate chips we areusing dr.p chips and a hundred grams ofchocolate block which we’re gonna chopup and eat Nojust cut into chunksand all of this will go into the mix you[Music]I’m gonna get this dough into the fridgefor half an hour all right so these havefrozen really well and cookie dough hasbeen in the fridge for half an hour soI’m going to just take one portion andgoing to put one of these a Nutellapieces in the middle and just stickyyeah and that is going on the bakingtray and also doing the same with riskof frozen biscuit pieces usually biscuiton this tray so we know which one iswhich ones which cookie yeah I cannotwait for these came here she wants toeat the cookie dough now you tell me howcan I let me eat the cookie doughbecause the best bear I know the cookiesare the best met right exciting sothat’s the one we discover and that’sthe one with Nutella and it’s going in ahot oven at 180c for 12 minutes 12 to 14minutes I am going to check in at 12minutes now you must notice that my ovensays 160 that’s because it’s a fan ovenso fan oven is 160 but I always sharethatpreacher for normal[Music]like this is looking pretty good[Music]so these are the ones that you may theones we purposefully schoo and I havegot the Nutella ones and I’m going tobreak one and show you so you bettercome to usyeah okay so gonna try this yeah she’sobviously that was a silly questionoh my goshit’s just perfect it’s like and I’llsatisfy your cravings of that absolutelydelicious hmm me to try this one mmmyou can see that only the bisque off ismelting and the rest of the cookie iscooked through I’m trying to risk it’slike heaven it’s not cookie heaven hmmamazing amazing mmm right I really dohope that you’re gonna give this a gotell us which one you try I’ve got someplain cookies in the ovenwhether you tried the plane whether youtried the Nutella or the bisque off andI hope you enjoy it please don’t forgetto subscribecome back tomorrow I’m going to sign upbefore she eats Oh cookie these areplain cookies they have not been filledwith anything and because they haven’tgot a filling they are just really niceand soft but there is no filling insidewhereas because they have these halffilling the texture in the middle is abit differentyou

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