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How to decorate EASTER COOKIE STICKS in 5 cute designs ~ BONUS: Royal Icing Roses tutorial inside!

Hello Sweeties, Easter is coming and i thought we’ll start the Easter cookie tutorial this year with 5 different designs of cookie sticks! You know how much I love cookie sticks and how versatile they are 😍💖👍

We can make cookie sticks without using specific cutters, I used a multi long cookie stick cutters (link below) but if you don’t own a long rectangle cutter you can also just cut them easily in multiple batches, easy peasy right? 👍😁

In this video tutorial you will learn how to decorate 5 different designs on the cookie sticks. I really hope its useful for you & as usual if you like this video please leave a thumbs-up and I invite you to SUBSCRIBE to my channel as it is through your support that I will able to make more videos. THANK YOU SO MUCH 😘

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It will go a loooongggg way in getting me thru the a long series of decorating sessions and all the late nights video editing sessions! Thank you so much in advance and it will truly means a lot to me 😘💕


All my cookies decorated with Royal icing, so if you are NEW to cookie decorating, these video tutorials will help you in your cookie decorating journey:

🔹How to make Royal Icing:
🔸Royal Icing Consistency:
🔹Cookie Decorating Tips:
🔸Sugar Cookie Recipe:


Here are some information on the cookie tools that I used in this video:

Cookie sticks cutter – I used Sweet Sugarbelle Cookie stick multi-cutter:

OR you can also get it from here:!/Sweet-Sugarbelles-Cookie-Stick-Multi-Cookie-Cutter-6-pc/p/92178160/category=2780841

Scribe tool:
📌NOTE: I managed to get a special discount code for my YouTube crew!!! Yassss!!! 🙌💓 Use a special code “COOKIELICIOUS15” to get 15% discount of everything in store! 👍

EASTER Stencils – I made the stencil myself, it was a bit of an accident as we forgot to put the bridge on the stencil so the letters have holes but i managed to make it work. So if you want to cut or make the stencil yourself at home I will be including it in my template which will be available on my website soon.

Pink Stencil Frame Holder (Stencil Genie – to hold the stencil in place):

Sugar Smoother – to scrape the icing when using stencil:

Decorating Tweezers (handy to pick up small sprinkles):

Rainbow Dust food pen in Grey:

Piping Tip#4 (for swirly carrot):

Piping Tip# 18 (for carrot leaves):

Tipless piping bag:

Plastic Couplers to use with any piping tip:

PME tip#1.5:

Or you can get a writing set which comes in handy, like this one:
PME Writing Tip Set of 3 (Tip#1, #1.5 & #2):

Tipless piping bag:


ProGel Sky Blue:

Cake decorator Rose Spirit:

Cookie Swivel (Turntable) from LC Sweets:

here is another option from Amazon (i have both and they are both great for decorating):

Cookie Turntable:

White non-slip matt ( to put on top of the cookie swivel to prevent cookies from sliding around):


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The Forest by Declan DP Music
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