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answering your personal questions/assumptions about me (while making cookies)

hope you guys got to know me better! remember to love yourselves! also the two vlog channels i mentioned were @AlishaMarieVlogs and @Ava Jules Vlogs , they are amazing, definitely go check them out!

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music in this vide:
Music by Gil Wanders – Dreams –
Music by Terry Saige – Far Away –

answers to common questions:
age: 16
grade: 11
camera: canon g7x mark ii
editing software: final cut pro x

if you are reading this, you are amazing, and if someone doesn’t appreciate you for who you are, then they aren’t worth your time. CUT THE FAKE PEOPLE OUT ok ily bye

heyoooo my name is cora and I love filming and editing videos and I would love it if you would subscribe because idek I would just really love okeee cool peace out brussel sproutsss

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Video Transcription

last person you texted oh my god hey youguys oh my god hey guys it’s Coralwelcome back to my channel so it isSaturday as you guys know I’ve beentrying to post every Sunday and I had awhole video of home for this week I meana whole video I had it like partiallyout of it and I hated it and I’ve beenstarting to realize that this hashappened to me way too oftenand usually when it happens it’s becauseI’m prioritizing getting views ratherthan like content that I actually wantto be making so I scrapped it because ifI’m not happy with something I don’twant to post it over the past two weeksI’ve gained almost a thousandsubscribers which is insane and I justfigured that a lot of you don’t reallyknow much about me and who I am which isvery important if you’re watchingsomeone especially like every week so Iasked you guys on my Instagram to ask meany personal questions you have orassumptions about me or any just likerandom questions and then I also askedyou guys what you guys wanted me to dowhile I was answering questions andmajority said cook something so we’regonna just bake some cookies cuz why notyou know we all deserve a good cookieonce in a whilefirst question what do you miss the mostfrom pre quarantine the leastobviously these circumstances that thisquarantine is under are awful I washaving a pretty tough school year justwith my anxiety depression and then alsojust like grade wise like everythingwell I think I think because of thedepression and anxiety I think that mygrades were suffering a little bit butbecause it was just harder to focus Ineed to melt this salt literally allschool year I was just praying to have abreak but like all I wanted was a breakwhere I could just be home and not haveto stress about anything I really honestneeded this time to be alone and thistime to I don’t know just how to work onmyselfmy health my self-respect and all thatkind of stuffso but for stuff I miss I really messedit up all my friends and lacrosse andchoir and all that kind of stuff it wasreally sad I miss all of that okay we’vegot two assumptions here one is thatyou’re very nice I would hope to thinkI’m a nice person I try my best you getannoyed easily yeah this is yourfavorite state you’ve been to eithertexas or Florida I was supposed to putall the sugars in okay have you ever hada boyfriend I am not really no I mean Ihave like a middle school relationshipbut I don’t want to count that no I havenot how do you deal with stayingpositive and confident I have struggleswith confidence my whole entire life Ithink it was important to like rememberthat we are also like unique and specialI was swimming this I said the word likeabout a million times I just can’t getmyself to put that in the videobasically what I was trying to say isonce you’re able to break free fromsociety’s standards of what beauty isyou realize how special your body is andit’s so cool that everyone has adifferent body type right so instead ofputting yourself down because you don’tlook like someone else celebrate thatand celebrate your uniqueness and allthe things that make you you talked onhigh school parties / are you into themI’m definitely not into them I have beento a couple high school parties andthey’re really just not my thing I don’tdrink I don’t smoke I don’t do any ofthat stuff I think that stuff is allsuper overrated and I don’t know somepeople think they so I think when you’reat a party where everyone is drinking tohave fun and you’re not drinking it’snot really fun so what challenges ofhigh school do you hope to overcome forour senior year for my senior year Ithink I would really love to just likecare less about what other people thinkof me I mean like at this point it’slike your last year of high school a lotof these people you’re never gonna seeagain orfor like a really long time do you haveany post high school plans yet I wouldsay I have post high school hopes butnot plans in a dream world I would go toCalifornia and go to USC and go to thefilm school and live out all my dreamsbut the reality is California is a veryexpensive place to go to school I don’tknow I’d say for post high school plansobviously go to college get a goodeducation whether that’s right here inWisconsin are in California I would justlove to study film would you ever do ayoutube full-time absolutely it’s funnyto think about you know I always tellpeople if they ask me what I want to bewhen I grow up I say film and every filmproducer something like that but in adream world I keep referring to my dreamworld but in a dream world I would loveto be able to just create my own contentwork for myself start a business yes Iwould definitely do YouTube full-time ifthat was an option for me so what wouldbe your perfect first date the thoughtof going on a date gives me anxiety so Iwould say my perfect first date would bedriving around listen to some musicmaybe getting some food watching a movieif you’re down to do any of those thingshit me up let’s go on a date assumptionyou are an introvert I think I’m anintroverted extrovert if that makessensewhat’s been the hardest thing you’ve hadto deal with so far in life I definitelyconsider myself blessed and the factthat I haven’t had to deal with anythinghorrible in my life for sure I guess twothings probably would stand out to meone would be bullying just like dealingwith bullying overall a lot of it waslike centered towards my youtube channelsome of it was because of my weight allthose types of things I would say theother hardest thing I’ve had to dealwith would be heartbreak probably peoplealways get really surprised when I tellthem that honestly I’m surprised butI’ve never had a boyfriend as we alreadyestablished but I have been in love onceand I did notso that was definitely one of thehardest things I’ve ever had to dealwith but it also like taught me so muchand I would not be the same person I wastoday if I hadn’t gone through that Ideal significant other obviously someonewho’s very respectful I’m not reallygonna say much how it looks because Ithink that looks are subjective and thatshould not be what you look for in a guybut the one thing I would say is thatthey kind of have to be taller than me Ithink that’s the that’s the one thingother than that like it’s all aboutpersonalitymy ideal man would be a hardened Scotwhat’s your favorite thing about havinga youtube channel I don’t have millionsof subscribers but I do get a lot ofdeems from you guys and you guys areliterally the sweetest people in theworld oh another thing I love abouthaving a channel is that I’m able tolike look back at like certain times inmy life that going back and watching oldvideos and I’ve seen oh this is what Iwas like in eighth grade or seventhgrade or freshman years you know whatyou’re gonna major in for college I kindof already touched on this but hopefullyfilm hopefully and get a minor in likemarketing or business something likethat just so I can kind of connect thetwo taller you um I am 5 7 and 1/2 5/8inch favorite lesser-known place to shopas you guys probably know I kind ofreally only shop at Goodwill cannotstress enough how underrated thrifty isI guess this isn’t lesser-known butprincess Polly is like one of myfavorite stores I think they have thecutest clothes they’re all prettyaffordable too which is great you wantto make a career out of social media/youtube again I kind of touched on thisbut I definitely would love to obviouslyit’s not really like my plan because Ican’t really plan on doing thatit kind of has to just happen first kissstory hmmquestion I have not had my first kissyet well okay actually there was thisguy I really like and I really wanted tomake him jealous I was with my friendNora and I was kind of complaining abouthow I haven’t had my first kiss she waslike coral I’ll be your first kiss andso we kissed and we filmed it and I putit on my snapchat so that he would seeit and maybe get jealous he saw it but Idon’t think he biggest fear I have thisreally really big fear of gas-mask I’mgonna be honest with you they scare thecrap out of me oh I also have a fear ofpine nuts those are kind of like myrational fears I guess like actual fearswould be like being alone forever it’skind of my biggest accomplishment everytime I get this question it takes me solong to think about what my answer theywere just so sad like I can’t think ofanything I’m very proud of myself forgetting them to ten which is actuallyfunny cuz my friend party asked me thisquestion there’s this music group at myschool which is ten seniors and tenjuniors you have to audition for it eversince freshman year I’ve like looked upto the girls intense so much and likeidolized them but I never ever ever planon auditioning for ten which was kind ofa weird partmy junior year came along and like lastminute I was like okay I’m just noaudition cuz like if I don’t I’m gonnaregret it so I’m just gonna audition andI know then and now I’ve made some ofthe closest friends in my life and it’sso much funfavorite part of yourself physical thenlike emotional I really like my eyesemotionally I like how I always look outfor other people most underrated part ofyourself these are just such interestingquestions and I feel so bad answeringthem like I’m not good at I think mymature is maybe I’m kind of crazy atschool and like in my videos and stufflike that but I’m like a really goodperson to come to if you have like kindof a serious or like personal problemI’m always down to like talk peoplethrough things and suck and I thinkpeople don’t really know how much I canjust be like a super chill person do youthink you’ll amount to something shesaid of course I think soknow what you think first of all thankyou I’ve always hoped so and I’ve alwayswanted to obviously I’m gonna put it outin the universe and say yes I think Iwill amount to something yes mm-hmmyep you’re pretty and I love you I loveyou more that’s so sweetwhat’s your biggest insecurity yes Ilove you I love you tooI have quite a few my stomach alwaysbeen really insecure about that which isjust so sad like when I say that loudit’s so sad that like that’s something Iworry about I don’t have a flat stomachlike I’ve never had a past I’m alsodefinitely my double chin I know peoplealways say they have a double chinwhatever but you don’t even know thathalf of it I have a double chin kind ofjust whenever I talk or smile or take apicture or whatever definitely alwaysbeen self-conscious about that whatmotivates blogs like specifically vlogsof people who are productive so likeAlicia Marie for example is always veryproductive in her vlogs and afterwatching them that makes me want to likego get up and do somethingsame with um Ava Jules her vlogs are somotivating because she’s always so ontop of thingsnot I mean colleges in mind I have likea whole list of colleges that I wouldlove to go to uw-madisonobviously is on there USC is like mydream College University of SouthernCalifornia UCLA University of CaliforniaLos Angeles University of Austin TexasUniversity of DePaul University ofMilwaukee Twin Cities Minnesota TwinCities what is your goal with yourYouTube channel I want to do a lot ofvideos on body positivity self-lovestuff like that so I guess I’d say mygold my YouTube channel is to helppeople I really want to focus more onhow I can use the platform that I haveto reach other people and inspire otherpeople assume that you write with yourleft hand know I’m a right-handed personcan you give younger girls any tipsabout how to be proud of who they are Ilove this question this is so cute Iwould say when you grow up you’re gonnalook back on yourself and envy who youwere then you know I always look back atolder pictures and I’m like wow I hatedmyself then and I look so good I wasdoing good like why did I hate myI feel like nothing I’m saying is makingany sense but just appreciate who youare in every moment because at somepoint in your life you’re gonna wish youwere at that point again how did yourparents come up with your name by theway we have the same name for a gayactually talked about this in my videowith my parents I was basically namedafter a girl in the movie Titanicbecause I guess my mom was watchingTitanic right before she gave birth tomeso last person you texted was daviddobrik i like auto number like butbesides that last person i texted was mygrandma so hey grandma favorite picturein your phone I don’t know I’ll think ofit and I’ll put it right here this is myfavorite picture in my favorite pictureof yourself okay I can’t think of it butI’ll put I’ll put it right here and onething you’ve been doing to keep yourselfhappy watching The Vampire Diaries a lotthat was all the questions I have so farbut the cookies are still trillion and Istill gonna have to cook them so I willcatch up with you guys once the cookiesare done I love you guys so much I hopethat today you got to know me a littlebit better and I’m excited for my futurevideos give this video a thumbs up ifyou enjoyed it subscribe down below andI’ll see you guys next time bye oh mygod I can’t reach this time I always endit like that okay bye

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