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How to Make – Almond and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies – Nancy’s Special Cookies

Luke and Nancy have an adult beverage and make Nancy’s favorite cookies. Some banter, education, and middle age mayhem ensue.

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Video Transcription

what are we making today oh we’re makinga chocolate chip almond cookies mmmpretty goodnice Darby didn’t have another nameNancy’s favorite that’s right that’srightyou’re going to get half the stick ofbutter okayOh what are they okay good to knowall right what’s next next is sugar[Music]sugar and some brown sugar so with thesugar we’re gonna do 1/4 cup veryscientific order that 2 tbsp Oh an addedbonusthat whole sugar Wowoh yeah that’s important my bread yougot a packet I notice these littledetails wow there it isthat one looks way smaller than theother one what do you think you canfortune cookies forget the canola oil weneed two tablespoons alright then we putthe mixer attachment on this baby youdon’t have kind of a standing electricmixer that’s probably true you want tobeat this down till it’s nice and creamydon’t take a few minutes you know I lovethat we’re listening to hip hop andyou’re wearing your own CD[Music]it’s about what we want nice creamy allright we got nextnow you get some real pure vanilla itmight be expensiveI agree but those are also good they’refree-range eggs that’s true very worthyof being part of Nancy’s favoritecookies that’s true that’s true okay sonow we got the eggs in and we’re mixingagain okay[Music][Music][Music][Music]unfortunately it’s virus I have to usesalt baking soda interstellar Oh[Music]you don’t hear a poem and you don’t havea mixer to reduce the knife andI usually cook up some pastavery good that’s going to counterbalanceour chocolate chip cookie and a fakename oh here we go now how much do youput how much is one cookie it’s justlike one tablespoon the nuts are stilloh yeah so making smaller ones[Music]all right next is we’re putting thecookies in the oven all right 50 yep gotit 20 minutes 20 minutes wow that’s along time I like to chew throughokay very good now we set Turner awesomeno we drink no out we drink I think it’sjust about timeit smells right long before it feelsright oh it smells good zoom in on thatbaby they look amazing so those areclearly the ones I did they’re smallerbut also good yummy these are amazingall right all right all right[Music]you

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