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Kidsburgh Kidcast: Cookie Dough Hummus

In this Kidsburgh Kidcast, Kristine Sorensen learns how to make Cookie Dough Hummus.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

welcome to our special cooking kid castwe are cooking with kids and EmilyLarson here has a great recipe she’s achef and food educator with Providenceconnections so tell us what we’re makingthank you today we are making cookiedough hummus this is something thatdoesn’t take very much time it feelslike a decadent treat but really it’spretty healthy nice all right so what dowe doyes so we are gonna open and drain Ican’t have chickpeas this is somethingmaybe your your kindergartner firstgrader could help you with and then youjust dump those into a bowl or a foodprocessorhmm we are gonna add your favorite typeof milk this is oat milk because we’rebeing very conscious of allergens todaybut you can use almond milk regular milkwhatever your favorite kindness and thenyour favorite nut or seed butter sotoday we’re using sunflower seed butterbecause we want something that would besafe for everybody to it’s nice yeah myson could eat this cuz he is allergic tomost nuts our favorite sweetener mine ismaple syrup I love maple syrup but youcould do honey or brown sugar a pen andyour kids can help you measure out allof these ingredients even kids as youngas three or four can pick up a containerand dump it in a bowl and then they feellike they’re part of an action yeah andwe have the full recipe with all thedetails on the website too we do thesecret ingredient to this hummus is somevanilla extract that’s what really makesit taste like a cookie YUM and thenwe’re just gonna add a little bit ofsalt and again you can make this in afood processor or a regular blenderwe’re gonna use an immersion blendertoday okay so we’ll just stick it inthere and kids can use these are prettysafe rightbottom and really young kids can push abutton you can see it looks a lot like acookie Joey’s earnest the final touchwhich is gonna be some chocolate chipsso we’ll mix those in there and look atthat and that looks deliciouslike a cookie dough and you serve itwith apples apple slices graham crackerskids love dipping things so they mightmove them something healthy mmm I loveit thank youexcellent everybody does mmm and you canget the full recipe at KD ka kaam slashkids Berg will link you to kids Berg dotorg

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