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Trying to make toaster oven cookies!! **FAIL?** | Ariana Kendra

Hello everyone! In today’s video I’ll be trying to make cookies in a toaster oven. Will it work? How did it turn out? Please like, subscribe, and turn on your post notifications to be notified when will my next video be.


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Camera: Vivo S1 pro
Editor: KineMaster

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

so today I’m gonna be trying to makechewy cookies and I wrote down therecipe I got the recipe from tastyso the first step with sugar salt butteruntil until taste with nose though Ibaked cookies before from scraps but itdidn’t really work they turned out to be[Music][Music][Applause][Music]the mixture currently looks like and I’mjust gonna put some butter in here andthen turn on turn on this and then justclick the box so I got the buttersounded difficult to get out of thething so I’m just gonna turn this pot soI just turned it on its really scary[Music]cool for a little bit so that’s Icouldn’t hold it but it’s still hot yesyou’re right here’s what it looks likeyeah now I’m gonna mix it I’m just gonnamix this until it’s tasty like says inthe video you shouldn’t mix it for awhile so here’s what it looks like it’skind of festive but I think it’s donenext what we’re gonna do is add the eggthe vanilla and to light add one eggthen a half a teaspoon of vanilla Idon’t have vanilla essence but I havethis vanilla vanilla flavoring then I’mgonna put a half a teaspoon of crack theegg around to like ribbons okay I thinkthis is what I can do more liquid thanthe one in the video I think that’s whyit became more liquid because they addeda whole egg instead of half a knifebecause I was doing half the recipe sowhat’s the next stepsift flour and baking soda and then foldso I’m done sifting the floor I justrealized I didn’t record it is thisbaking soda I don’t even know oh thereit isbaking soda we’re good and I didn’t evensit successful for the spatula but Idon’t have a spatula but this is what itlooks like so I put it in therefrigerator for I’m gonna be leaving itfor 30 minutes this is what it lookslike after being she’ll chilled forabout 45 minutes became really sticky noI did it again and it’s been there forabout almost five minutes and then I’mgonna be turning it around since whathappened to the other onethe one in front is raw and the otherone yes Britno no we just cut the top off it’s okaythis is what it looks like so what I’mgonna do is I’m gonna grate the darkparts Wowso here’s a final product it’s reallysweet but it’s kind of hard and softyeah doesn’t look that good

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