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How To Make Salted Cookies | Crackers at Home

How To Make Salted Cookies | Crackers at Home

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Ingredients List:
4= Cup All-Purpose Flour –
1= Cup Desi Ghee –
½= Cup Warm Water
1= Tsp Pink Salt –
1= Tsp Black Pepper –
1= Tsp Ajwain | Carrom Seeds –
¼= Tsp Baking Powder –
Pinch Food Color Red/Orange –

Please cook and enjoy yourself with your family/friends. Please share your experiences with me, I would like to hear from you, Thank You.

Additional items may be used:
Pressure Cooker –
Frying Pan –
Tramontina 3-pc. Deep Sauté Pan Set –
Tramontina Dutch Oven Red –
Splatter Screen –
Stainless Steel Colander –
Expandable Trivet –
Measuring Spoons –
Measuring Cups –
Cutting Boards –
Slotted Turner –
Masala Dabba –
Pressing Garlic Chopper –
Broiler Pan and Rack –
Copper Chef –
Magic Bullet –
Cuisinart Wood Spoon –
Genius Mandoline Slicer –
Stainless Steel Cookware Set, 10-Piece –
Glass Baking Dishes –
Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Food Processor –

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Easy Steps –

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Video Transcription

everyone please welcome in um easy stepscooking please click on the bell iconyou will get all the notification of mynew videos and let’s get started helloeveryone welcome to my channel today I’mgoing to share with you very quick andeasy and simple and delicious recipe andit’s going to be salted crackers or wecan say salted cookie these are so easyto make super delicious mmm so goodenjoy your evening tea with this snackand it’s so tasty and so delicious how Imade you such a delicious and tastycrackers without wasting and time let’sget started this is so good so for youngthe ingredients we need all purposeflour meta desi ghee warm water asneeded salt black pepper add wine caromseed baking powder food colorthis is strictly optional one tip Iwanted to share with you this ishomemade they say gee I have a videoposted on my channel this is fromclarified butter it’s the one car I’musing it but if you’re using vegetableoil then use half cup I always list myingredient list under the description soplease check it out and let’s getstarted get a mixing bowl andall-purpose flourNatha adjoin carom seed black peppersolve with the help of waves combine a12once it’s nicely combined now we will toadd baking powder food color is strictlyoptional so once we added the food colorand baking powder we’re going to combineit well again next process will beadding if they say ghee so as a ciggynow mix it wellthis process of mixing this Iggy withall-purpose flour called mom now we aregoing to use both hands basically we’regoing to grab it and massage it likethis we’re going to make sure that it’snicely comboing and keep mixing theflour is nicely combined with the DesiGhee and if you see this is how it looksthis is what we need now we’re going toadd water you can see the color start toappear that’s when we get it at water sonow we’re going to make a dough and thisprocess will be the same process asmaking a dough for your chapati the onewe make for roti full car it’s the sameprocess for the exact measurement pleasevisit my description I always pride theingredient list under we get to add alittle bit more water so keep mixingjust like this so our dough is ready solet the dough rest on a countertop thenwe’re going to prepare salted crackersthe dough has been rested for half anhour and this is how it looks look atthis very nice no it’s looking if youhave a cutter like this that would beperfect it will give you a perfect shapeor something like these you need to becookie cutters so if you have those thenwould be perfect but I’m going to usetoday this you need a rolling pinflatten it out as thin as possibleand you see it’s a nicely platter to getthe cutter I’ll place it hereand then I’m going to press it startfrom the corner just like this and we’regoing to lift nicely card and I will bekeep continuing doing this get a fourthand like this we’re going to each cookieor our cracker we’re going to make itlike this holes done with this move onon this side we’re going to press itagain so once we press it like this thenget a four as you see it’s nicelypressed in I’m going to lift it up get apoor walk like this so I’ll be keepcontinuing doing the same process as yousee I’m done four days left poking withthe fork and now we need to lift thoughwe’re going to use it again don’t throwit awaythat’s a nice crackers to get it playlook at this ah nice that you can seeall the curls are ready I’ll lay it outin the plate and this is the door wetook it out and I’m going to do the samething oil is heated up so now we’regoing to place it inside the oil we’regoing to deep-fry these and we’re goingto take these out once they are goldenbrown so as you can see once they startcooking they start to float it startedto float and this is how they look andI’m going to put it back into the oilagain let it cook until they are goldenbrown voting right on the top you needto just flip them over so they can begolden brown normal at that side as wellthat’s the only thing we need to do asyou can see it’s nicely wrong and I’mgoing to take it off look at this ourdelish here these are very crispy youcan hear and I have a plate ready or notput to paper towel then we’re going toplace it in plate look at our crackersI’ll do the same thing we’ll startputting in more crackers Sydney justlike this just be careful don’t burnyourself when you’re putting it andwe’re going to cook them until they arenicely golden brown it’s quick and easyand a simple salt or cookies or saltedcrackers are ready and let me show youlook at this so Chrismmm very tasty and very delicious pleasetry and share you a comment below how itturned out for you if you liked thisrecipe like always like share andsubscribe easy steps cooking thank youand have a good day bye bye

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