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Learn how to make DoubleTree by Hilton’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Part 2 of 2 – The cookies are done. Let’s talk about what we learned.


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Video Transcription

hey kharece I’m back the cookies are outof the oven so I wanted to come back andshow you what they look like let me getmy iPad out of the way I don’t think Ineed that right nownow I wouldn’t had to put a couple therewe go I gotta get that going the rightway I went ahead and put a couple extracookies on there cuz there was a onequestion about the nuts and I wascurious what would happen now every ovenbakes a little bit differentlyremember these are making them 300 sohey Tammy did you make yours with yourgluten-free flour along with me Tammylet me know I’m curiouslet’s see every little bit differentlyand we bake these on 300 and my ovendefinitely has some hot spots and thensome cooler spots and stuff like thatlike all ovens do but let me show youthese have been out of the oven nowlet’s see about 1213 minutes and it’scooling down a lot it’s still a littlewarm but you know it’s not burning meatand I cook bake these about 23 minutesactually I think I might have gone 24 ohokayyeah I think I went 24 minutes withthese because I was looking at them andthey weren’t brown along the edge yetyou know like them up so you can seethem and I can tell my lighting is throwin some extra darkness on them that Idon’t see in person they are not thatdark the camera is just weird butthey’ve got a little brown around theedge just a little bit okay they’re justa little soft in the center they’regonna cool on here for an hour but thisis already like I mean look I can dothis and it’s fine so I’m gonna let themcontinue cooling but I am gonna pull oneoff and see what what it looks like makesure I get it in the right place thereso you guys can see all right so I’vegot one in the middle and that’s thething is it said to put them two inchesapart I started with this little panbecause I was really going to bake threeoriginally but then I wanted to do acouple with nuts and without and I’mlike oh just slap them on the samebut this is the reason that youdefinitely need to spread them outbecause with that scoop that we startedwith it’s three tablespoons of dough sothey sparked they do spread out soyou’re supposed to have them about twoinches apart but like I said I didn’twant to bake all of it because I wouldend up you know eating them all that’sjust real that’s just realityso let me scoop a couple and see can youguys see me oh yeah it’s fine okayso I just did the one in the middle okayand it’s just lightly browned it’s setit’s not super thick and remember I overmix that batter because I’ve read thedirections in the wrong orderI skipped back to something I hadalready done so I think mine areprobably a little bit thinner becausethey should have been stiffer when Iscooped that back and then when I wassmashing it down they should have been alittle bit thicker but this is still alittle bit warm I’m gonna let it finishcooling but it’s definitely bakedthat’s the most important thing you knowwho wants a raw cookie I do like cookiedough but I don’t want to rock with heatand it’ll be interesting to see oncethese are cooled all the way if they geta little bit harder or not but it doesmake a really big cookie so I definitelywould have put it on a bigger sheet pandefinitely use a bigger sheet pan ifyou’re gonna do more than a couple ifyou’re only gonna do like three thenyou’d be fine but you can as I saidfreeze the raw dough if you look at therecipe the official Hilton recipe itdoes tell you can scoop the batter youknow your three tablespoon scoop and putit on a tray and freeze it freezer youcan just freeze it just so it’s you knowfrozen enough and then once they’refrozen you can just take them and putthem into a bag and you know leave themin your freezer and then when you’reready to actually bake them you don’teven have to thaw them out so anyway sothose are the cookies they’re done andI’ll let it finish cooling maybe andthen each onesee how it goes I love it do you guysclose the pictures of yours if you madethem along with me I know one viewer didso I’m gonna go back and look at herpictures I’m so excited and thank youguys so much for joining me I hope youhad fun I’d love to get ideas somesuggestions if there’s other thingsyou’d like me see me demo I like doingthese videos for you because it’s justfun and I love it if you’d share thisalso will be put on YouTube as well butjust subscribe to notifications here orsubscribe to my youtube channelunder beyond decadence and you’ll alwaysstay in the loop that way thank you guysso much for joining me I’m gonna hang online just for a second to see if thereare any questions and then we’ll getback to our Sunday afternoon of eatingcookies and sittin on the couch happyEaster Tammy any questions guys alrightwell if you do post them in the commentsand I’ll respond I’ll see you soon

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