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Snow Ball Cookies by “Quarantine Cook Arya”

Snow Ball Cookies by “Quarantine Cook Arya”

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys 42 car and I’m here with anotherrecipe today we’re gonna be making snowbottom cookiesthe first step to these cookies is topre-heat your oven to 325 degreesFahrenheit well how do they open isheating we’re gonna get our ingredientsready so the ingredients are what cookmy dog okay all the purpose of powder 1of 1 cup chopped nuts we pick four nutswell we’ve done many other ones 1/4 cupof sugar 1 stick of butter which has tobe in room temperature and then 1teaspoon of vanilla extract so we’regonna mix the dry ingredients which aredivided up nuts and sugar into up into amixing bowl[Music]so we’re gonna make all of the dryingredients that we just put in the book[Music]so we’re gonna add the butter and the myessence into it[Music][Music]thisso once you have a glint you have toknead it into one dough lightly so onceit’s all kneaded into one big bowlyou’re gonna have to take a pinch of itand then roll it up and then it’s gonnabe about the size and then put it ontothe baking pan so this is the last one Iwound it up and then now you just haveto put it in so you could see the spaceabout here about an inch and we gotroughly 24 cookies doubt so I got myother mix and this is ready and ovensready to so I’m gonna open the oven[Music]leave it in the oven for about 25minutes if you don’t if you think it’snot cooked yet leave it in differentother than 3 to 5 minutes this is themaster part cookies which is a powderedsugar cookies already we took it fromthe oven and 120 notes ready will bebrown on the bottom like crispy sort ofbread so while I had the cookies arestill warm you have to dip it and sortof cover it and just powdered sugar nowit looks like a snow snowball which iswhy this Commodus nobody take each andevery one of them and do the same thingenjoy your snowball cookies[Music]you

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