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Making Yummy Cookies and Cream Milkshakes

Make delicious cookies and cream milkshakes in just a couple of minutes. My goofball and I will show you how to do it!

2 big scoops ice cream
1/4 cup milk
4 Oreos

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Video Transcription

hieveryone today we’re going to be makinga cookies and cream milkshakeand let’s get started oh yeah um why ami inthis suit um today at the yum it was disney day and i wasand i dressed up as ummr franken mrfrankenstein miss dawsonso something like that um umit um i dressed up as him fromup so you know whatthat’s what i’m sick of hosting withthis old guyi want my old co-host back okay let’ssee if i can find himokay oh that’s better yeah i’mdressed i’m normal now okaynow let’s make these in between meltingyep let’s start byrooming our glass yeah we actually had arequest for this one after we made theum the the fruity pebblesmilkshake yeah we um wehad the first last week we we couldn’tthink of itand we already had everything ready sowe didn’t do it and we didn’t have theoreos sowe are just gonna so we’re gonna rim ourglassand chocolate syrup and thenflavor and get some cookie crumbs ontherethere we go that looks good let’s justdip this inokayokay now we each have amilkshake cup doyou think this is a double stuffed oreothat’s not she thinks it is she’s mrit is double stuff the package says sohe just thinks that double stuff isn’tenoughnext time we need mega stuff orsomething yeah i thinkmega stuff is double stuff all right sowe’ve gotjust some vanilla ice cream two bigscoops in each of our glasseshere we’re going to add in some chunksoforeos these oreos are super good i’meating one right nowwe took four oreos for each of usand we broke them up into fours and thenwe each have a quarter cup of milkand last time we used milkshake makerthis time we thought we’d use theimmersion blender because i think it’lldo a better job chopping up the cookiesand um we love the immersion blender weuse it for soups and saucesand all sorts of stuff it’s veryversatile sowe’ll put a link for this down below[Music][Music]right[Music]hi my hands aretoo cold whoa that’s way too coolyou might not know but these guys are socoolno no well that’s way too cold way toocold way too coldmy cord my head my cord my cord isfreezingall right does that look good i needhelp i can’t do thismy hand’s squeezing too cold it’sfreezing yeah i need helpokay i’m way behindi’ma find[Music]yep cheersokay it’s pointing down the side[Music]you ready yeahi swallowed a little better yeah whenyou should get straws huhbut it is pretty tastyall right you should definitely make acookies and cream milkshakemake one today and one tomorrow and onethe next day too huhyeah all right well thanks for watchingand come check out what we make nextwe’ve got some fun ideas in the works somake sure to check back soon okay yepall rightbye guys why hit the like and subscribebutton

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