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Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Bowls/ HOW TO MAKE delicious cookie bowls for ice cream

USING THE BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP SUGAR COOKIE RECIPE learn to make these awesome cookies bowls. They are so easy and delicious, and help to avoid the massive spreading and disastrous fails using other chocolate chip cookie recipes to make bowls. Have your ice cream, and eat the bowl!!

Recipe Used:
EASY and DELICIOUS Chocolate Chip Sugar Cookies:

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My favorite Supplies-

Watkin’s Vanilla

Watkins Clear vanilla– I use this so that it doesn’t change the color of my icing.
11 oz.
Gallon (this is what I have LOL!)

DoughEz rolling system

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys Stephanie from that Thai cookiecoach and I’m back today to show you howto make these adorable tasty ediblechocolate chip cookie ice cream balls sowe’re gonna start with the same recipethat we use for the chocolate chip sugarcookies I’m gonna put a link to it righthere and we are going to make thesebowls by using that exact same recipe solet’s just take it back a little bit andback back right there alright so we’renot even gonna chill this dough we’regonna start by rolling it out as soon asit comes out of the mixer so you’regonna follow the recipe for thechocolate chip sugar cookie dough onceit comes together on your mixer you’regoing to knead it by hand but you’re notgoing to chill it you’re gonna go aheadand roll it out to a 3/8 of an inchthickness right away cut out yourcookies using a three and a half inchcircle cutter I was able to get abouttwelve to thirteen cookies next lightlygrease the bottom side of your cupcakepan firmly mold your cookie to thecupcake pan the cookie should go abouthalfway down the mold to make it easierand in case of spreading I chose to useevery other spot now we’re gonna chillthem for 15 minutes in the freezer intothe oven they go for 15 minutes at 340degrees once they have a chance to coola gentle turn to release and they’reready to eat so there you have itchocolate chip cookie ball ready for icecream these guys are perfect for a partyor just tonight at home the best part isno cleanup so if you like this idea makesure to give me a thumbs up and if youwant to see more recipes and dessertideas make sure to hit subscribe now I’mgoing to enjoy this but stick aroundbecause there’s a cupmore tips coming your way I found thatsometimes holes form during the bakingprocess and I realized I could spot themwhile it was still being formed on tothe mole if you see cracking or a spotwhere a chocolate chip is pulling awayfrom the dough pinch it together and adda little bit more dough I also made sureto press firmly on the center beforefolding the sides down at about sevenminutes in the oven I like to rotate mypan 180 degrees at this point you cansee if there’s any holes for me andclose them up while it’s still a bitdoughy so if you’re excited and ready toeat right away go ahead and add your icecream and let it melt right on to thatwarm cookie but if you have some time Iwould suggest melting some chocolate andbrushing it on the inside of the bowl tokeep it from getting soggy thanks forwatching don’t forget to hit subscribeand if you give these a try I’d love tohear about it in the comments below

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