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making cookies (best recipe) with HANNA and GABBY!!

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Video Transcription

hey what’s up guys welcome back to myvideo I’m with my cousin Hannah andtoday we will be making chocolate chipcookies because it’s May firstand why not so let’s get started we gotour smuggle and first we’re gonna learningredients over here flour and firstyes yeah yes absolutely one teaspoon sowhen we’re all done mrs. well be rightokay we now have a bigger bowl we haveto do put brown sugar and sugar in so[Music]okay now we need a teaspoon yeah yeahjust a pour it over uh that does notknowso then you got a boom cake now we haveto mix it so all Queenokay now it’s all mixed creamy foreverso now we have to add one did you getsome action no okay so when the eggs arethem okay so the egg is up so now wehave to put in the flour okay so thesugars all in with all the addressedepisode with the way yeah so now all wehave to do chipsone cup hey YouTube batch of cookies inthe whole worldokay we got it all done and now we are[Music]come back pleaseOster okay so it’s all mix for nine totwelve me this is nice twelve minutesthen we’re gonna do another time weshould put time in with it so we’re alldone we’ll be okayand then we’ll finish this off back wenot all done okay so we got a firstbatch done one so right now going inright now hers all right here and we’regonna give unto somebody that lives thatway so Barry mmmliving in the Red House[Music][Music][Music]so you’re gonna get four to the some aresome of our friends to people okay soyou’re gonna put them in this containerfoot four in this container right wedgeokay so we are going to drop these offso thank you for watching I’m subscribedown below well to whereversee how my videos like this video thankyou so much for watchingTrudeau

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