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How To Make “Cookie Monster Fudge” (1/2 the OG Recipe)

Hey guys!!! I hope you enjoy watching this demonstration video for how to make Cookie Monster Fudge!!! In this video, you’ll see me & my 15 year old little brother laugh our way through making this fun dessert & joking around with each other, as we normally do on a daily basis. We have a LOT of fun & he was the BEST helper!!!

I wanted to give credit where credit is due, so shoutout to The Cookie Dough Café (IG: @thecookiedoughcafe) for the inspiration behind this video. We only halved the recipe that they used as a trial run for this video, but we definitely plan to make more!!! It was pretty rich & sugary, so if you’re not into that, then this dessert is probably not for you. However, it’s SO much fun to make & especially if you have kids, they will definitely enjoy this!!! I’ll leave the recipe, along with directions, down below:

—For FULL Recipe—

3 cups of white chocolate chips
14 oz Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk
Oreos (however many you want—we like a LOT!)
Cookie Dough (GO HAM—We FULLY recommend it!!!)
Blue food coloring—1 to 2 DROPS!!! (or any color—Clark used pink, and we also got green and yellow in a pack)

—For HALF Recipe—

1 1/2 cups of white chocolate chips
1/2 can of 14 oz Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk
Oreos (however many you want—we like a LOT!)
Cookie Dough (GO HAM—We FULLY recommend it!!!)
Blue food coloring—1 to 2 DROPS!!! (or any color—Clark used pink, and we also got green and yellow in a pack)

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]I am gonna teach you guys how to makethis cookie monster funds today and I’mgonna help her little brother signed upto help well he didn’t really signed upI recruited them but he’s gonna help usout today and I’m gonna give credit tocookie dough cafe for this recipebecause it looks amazing and I wanted totry it so we’re gonna we’re gonna startso first thing you’re gonna do is putthese white chocolate chips in a bowland we’ve got a party right here you addin then you add in a cup of thissweetened condensed milk and what we didis we have the recipe that they used soinstead of making the whole recipe thatit calls for we just have to so that wecould try it and then trythank you good okay so then you’re gonnastir it up and actually what I’m gonnado is I’m gonna use this big spoon andactuallyyou know I’m just very completelybecause they’re melted anyway okay soI’m certain I’m good first and we’regonna melt it in the microwave for about30 seconds to a minute so that it allkind of melts in there and do you wantto do thathe’s such a good helperokay so when it’s out of the microwavewhat we’re gonna do is just keepstirring it for a little bit and thenwe’re gonna melt in the food coloringand then add in see I thought this bluehere okay so[Music]oh yeah good passing under steeringI’m saying have we started enough yeahokay we got a nice so we’re gonna pourin half in each of our bowls hereand we’ve got some behind the scenes I’mdefinitely not happy is that more thanpoor I’m half and I’ll get more funny -really okay on to the table okay allright listen accomplished now that yeahthat’s definitely over anyways okay sonow that we have our mixture and ourvowels what we’re gonna do is melt inthe food coloring and I have blue and hehas pink and what we’re gonna do sincethis is really tedious is we’re justgonna put in a dropokay then you also mixture I I was nevergood maththat’s why you got me so then okayso next we’re gonna layer your pan withput in the put this inverse sure waityeah you layer came with the Warriors inthe pour this in and it gets hard reallyfast so you kind of have to stir itreally well firstI think you just stir I only mess up myperfect Oreo designokay so mom is not spreading out likehis and it’s probably because he tookback my batter I know I don’tyour saw him give me the nextinstructions I can be awesome[Music]nice nice and we’re gonna do is we’regoing I’m trying to cover all theseWario’s at the bottom um that’s kind ofthe goal here but the next thing we’regonna do is we’re going to put on topthe Oreo crumbles and cookiesyes[Music]we’re making a little bit more so I’mgoing to add in a little bit more tomine since it wasn’t completely coveredbut that’s all going I just got ourspoons here lightly lightly dust itoh my goodnessall right you want to do Monte do you Rd[Music]okay yeah well it’s hard when you like amountain okay so you can’t even see theblue on mine but here is mine look screwright here’s the final result not funoh yeah okay so now that that’s allcompacted there the next thing we’regonna do is we’re gonna sprinkle onthese cookie dough bikes that we alreadyhad wrinkled them everywhereand you may not want as many cookiedough boxes what we put out but we likeand this is just kind of go big or gohomeokay okay so here is where we are we[Music]three hours to do yeah so is that whatyou’re gonna but okay so yeah we’re doneand this is our final result which is up

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