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Making New York’s Famous Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies!!

Hey guys what’s up?? I’m so so sorry for not posting consistently as I should but I figured that since were all staying at home I could upload more videos and make content that hopefully you guys will enjoy. In today’s video I thought I’d make a baking video since we’re all in quarantine and thought I’d try this recipe I found online and remake it. What should I make next let me know in the comments down belo also make sure to subscribe and like the video love you all hope you have a good day❤️
The recipe is down below if you want to make it this again!

Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Crush Cookies

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Video Transcription

[Music]what’s up my name is a buck for those ofyou that don’t know me I hope you guysare doing well and staying safe duringthis quarantine but before we getstarted on to the videoI just wanted to say I’m sorry for notposting more content as I should butwords of the corny Jean I’m going to beposting more videos and so for today’svideo I’m going to be making the levainbakery chocolate chip crush cookies Ifound this recipe online I will writedown and link the website down in thedescription box and so the first thingwe want to do is wash your hands andafter we do that we want to preheat ouroven support egg meanwhile that isheating up we can work on our cookiedoughso you need a large mixing bowl itshould look something like this andafter you get your large mixing bowl youwant one cup of cold butter and pour itinto the bowl after this step we’regoing to be pouring 1 cup of brown sugarinto the bowl as well then after thiswe’re going to be pouring 1/2 cup ofsugar which I made a mess so I’m gonnaclean it up and come back so you shouldhave something that looks like this oreven better now for the next step weneed 2 eggs in total you’re going tocrack them one at a time so what I’mdoing right now is cracking one eggpouring it into the glass because wedon’t want any eggshells and it’s okaythe splatter is because we didn’t alwaysclean that up and we’re gonna pour itinto the bowl take your whisk and thenmix it until it’s smooth you’re going todo this also with the other egg but youwant to mix it for a few more minutesyou should have something that lookslike this or I tell it’s well combinedbut you don’t want to over mix itbecause we’re also gonna work on ourdough soon we’re going to add in our dryingredients now so the recipe says toadd in one and a half cup of cake flourand one and a half cup of flour but Ididn’t have cake flour so I decided tocombine cake flour and flour so I’ve hadthree cups of all-purpose flour you canuse any type of flower that you use forbaking cookies or whatever you think nowas you can tell I’m just pouring thecups into the mixing bowl then what youwant to do is stir in a teaspoon ofcornstarch and 3/4 teaspoonbaking soda 3/4 teaspoon of salt afterdoing that your dough should looksomething like this or it should besomething that you can work with nowwhat I’m doing here is making four largeballs placing it onto the parchmentshape you can use cookies cookie sheetsor whatever is best for cookies and I’vegot a spray with cooking spray so Isprayed it and I were doing so the oliveoil can absorb into the cooking worldI’m just making four large ballsit should look something like this nowafter we do that we want to put it inthe oven we want to put it in the ovenfor ten minutes and then we’ll take themand then we’ll take them out so tenminutes has passed by I took them outyou should look something like this oreven better what I realized was Iovermix that’s why they don’t look asgood but this is what you should have orsomething similar I hope you guys enjoythem and thank you for watching

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