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How to make cookie clicker on scratch (part 1)

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Video Transcription

hey guys my name is Arshad so beforestarting today’s video I just want togive a quick shout out to Tim forsubscribing and commenting on my channelso if you guys wanna be a shout out sothen then I if the first person tocomment on my channel will win ashout-out so getting right back into thevideo so now I’m going to be creating acookie clicker on scratch so those ofyou are not familiar with cookie clickerso in this game based look you have toclick the cookie and then you get nocookiesso that’s where I’m going to be creatingtoday on scratch so let’s begin so we’rejust going to create a new okay so let’sstart so okay I have come in to afterI’ve come in to so the scratch so let’sstart so in this tutorial I’m basicallygoing to create the cookie and thebackgroundfirst of all let’s name this as cookieclicker and yeah so if so you just wantto delete this try and create a newsprite so so make sure you use bitmapsor bitmap is much useful so first of allcan I take a simple brown color andI think what’s a good round out there sofirst of all I’m going to be doing acircle a simple circle like that asimple circle so I’m going to take theI’m going to take some chocolate chipsand draw it on that so use a paintbrushand then we make through chocolate chipsso I’m just going to be like one hereone here so I’m just doing this for thetutorial so yeah and one here so we’regoing to fill then fill them with blackI mean brown yeah so that’s our cookingso let’s just add one one last jobchocolate chipwe had the edge which makes it lookreally looking kind of and then we’regoing to color that black so there wehave it so there’s our cookie so firstof all now what so we are not going toadd some script for this tutorial I’mjust going to be creating the spritesfor this today’s tutorial so if thisvideo reaches 10 likes so I will make apart 2 so let’s just click oh this is acookie now let’s create the plus onewhich will be going out of the cookie sowe’re going to do convert a bitmap go totext make this black zoom in and up abit and just type plus 1 that’s itwhatever whatever going to do just makethis a bit big so that’s what that’sgoing to be doing for this so let’s namethis aslet’s name this is plus one plus one sothis is so these two slides we havecreated now they’re gonna create thebackdrop so the backdrop will be dividedinto two parts completely so we’re justgonna take and we will make the outlinea bit thick and then we’re gonna draw aline in the way in between like thatmake sure it’s a bit straight so I don’tthink a straight just delete that and[Music]yepso now I just wanna draw a simple linein between and simple line and then aone across the line like that weddingthat’s good and then one right here sothis we’re not just going to do thatagain and yeah I think that’s for thebackground right there so the cookiewill be right here so say in the size -let’s make it SEMICON st. there sothat’s how big we need to pee let’s justmake it 80% so looks a bit big yeahso data size we need for this so thenext we’re gonna create is a grandma soin the actual game we need to create agrandma a house and a town so we gotnever make[Music]convert it a bitmap use this and thenyep so I just want to decrease that toaround seven so what we’re going to dois just make a small line like this andthen like this and then this so that’swhat we need for the camera and justmake a small oval like thisso that’s the first so that’s the facewe need right there so now we’re gonnachoose a brown color and just make it abit blond so and the face we’re going tomake it peach see there’s a peach let’smake it a bit a step traffic there we gothere’s a peach color right there let’sjust zoom and make the eyes so justgoing to be drawing two simple dotsright there one so that’s why are wecreating for the grandma I don’t I don’tthink it looks so good so but that’swhat we’re doing for the grandma so I’mjust gonna name this as grandmaso I hope you guys just like this videoor else I maybe can create it I cancreate the part to tomorrow itself sothere we have the grandma right there solet’s create another one so this will bea house so just follow zoom in I thinkthat’s and then with this move so we’regonna take a squareoh what a bitmap and make sure it’sfilled and so we’re gonna createlet’s keep the peace let’s keep the baseof the house a bit that pale yellow likesomething like yeah there we go that’sthe color we need and this we’re gonnado one right here a bit we go yeah Ithink that’s what me and then we aregonna create a triangle on top of it sochoose a black color and let me meet thetop of the house red so that looks morelike a house so one right here and thenone right here and then finally oneright here and then now we’re just gonnafill it with red that’s what we need forthe house so I think that’s good for thehouse and we just change the size toaround 80% what that’s that’s what weneed so now I’m going to create the lastwhich is a town so you may want to justmake it down and just zoom in and justbut this brown color right let’s use ablack color so just make this that andthen yeah so I think this is good andwhat we’re gonna do over here is justdraw one building like that and makesure you do the outline we could zero sothere’s no outline and just going toextend the size of this thing like thatand then what we’re gonna do to make it3d looking kind of like that you’re justgonna choose a a bit darker color thisis a lighter color lock a grayI mean lighter gray and then put thatright there and then one final like thatI think that’s good oh I got the wrongoneyeah then we’re gonna create another onemake it a bit dark darker than this oneright here so then we’re gonna do oneright see oopsie oopsie now just when weare just going to delete that straightfor once so I think something went wrongyeah the thing now is not good yeah Ijust need to change this to move it yeahI think docyeah hey doctor and then we just wannado and that’s all we need no that’s whatthat’s what we need to do for the townand for the town also get my which is myname this as town and we’re gonna changethe size to 70% so why am i changing thesizes because I’m going to writesomething beside it which is going to beclick to buy meaning you can buy thestuff so that is what we need for thisfor this tutorial I think that’s it soso for 4 part 2 I be adding the codesfor all sprites so stay in to stay tunedfor that and yep so and yeah so soplease make sure you subscribe mychannel and stay tuned for part 2 soclick here and subscribe my channel andclick here to watch my last video ok sobye

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