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Y’all can we pretend the text isn’t out of the frame at the beginning cool thanks.

I’m working on my editing don’t judge.

Making cookies. With my little brother. Big OOF.

I don’t know how to describe this video anyways enjoy.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like having a younger sibling this pretty much sums it up.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]flower in there so like we’re not toshow you we’re doneperiod you know we one step ahead oh soit’s closed for three cups so that’swhat we’re doingone cups right it’s really hardwake up you saw got our flower let’s getit boys let’s do the baking powderwhat’s happen three for one and a halfor do ya call it no it’s continuingdoing one and a half four yeah that’sthe question you need to leave below[Laughter][Music]here ignore the bad lighting period 1cup butter doing half a cup I got thebutter guys I’m gonna do it this time somy sister doesn’t get mad at me[Music]last time you get a perfect guys today’slesson about having an egg is brought toyou by brought to you by us and makemake tenon yes wait here doing mysteryreally good lightingpew pew pew oh wait a minute is itchocolate wrong phone so yeah that’s abutter you want to see some real pain Imiss you this Dickie freakin butteryummy love you I love you I do love youwhat do you want what is it look goodboy Oh butter and mix of sea poseludos locks is like way cooler – she’sBritishokay what about her tea shop no and notlet’s dump in the water you knowanything about no I don’t if I put thisback – I have to Iran now I ain’t yougot to get dick pee shave your duck ohok so what we’re gonna do next is thishalf I’m gonna roll into balls and thenand then roll in the sprinkles and thenfor this half we’re gonna dice I’m a bitin this little shapes out of cookiecutters and we’re only doing half thrustbecause you only have a small bag offlour because we’re right now andbecause[Music][Music][Music]amazing Christmas trees because it’s MayChristmas tree ones because it’s May andChristmas trees are so festive aroundthis time of year and here’s thesebeautiful one that I’ve been made andI’m uncle sleep which is lame so now I’myour awkwardly making cookies because Ican’t say we tried we had fun oh heygood night I’m tired it’s like 12:00yeah good night with all the kiddiescute bags can you see it like is itthere’s a really bad lighting and you’relike really bad look it’s like a littleheart like earth to I think it’s good nocookie bag cookie bag and I’m so proudanyways I just want to show you that[Music]


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